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AUTO-EM, a pioneer in the service station industry, specializes in auto paint materials. With years of growth and diversification, they now offer a wide range of top-quality products from global manufacturers like Atlas Copco, Nova Verta, and Festool. Their inventory includes essential tools, equipment, and auto paint supplies.

Selecting solutions

During their search for the perfect solution, AUTO-EM sought the expertise of Impact Soft. After conducting a thorough analysis of various ERP-systems, the company ultimately chose Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail software. Developed by LS Retail and localized for the first time in Russia by Impact Soft, the LS Retail software solution is a globally recognized end-to-end solution for the retail industry. 


By implementing LS Retail software, AUTO-EM centralized their retail chain, enabling seamless data flow between stores and the Central Office (CO) for efficient management. They incorporated modules like Sales, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Purchases, Production, Banking, Personnel, Salary, and Budgeting. Integration with Mixit Pro ensures flawless color matching, while the LS Data Director allows real-time access to sales information, empowering quick decision-making. This implementation reduced processing time for primary documents and streamlined business processes for AUTO-EM's own products. 


Moving forward, AUTO-EM has exciting plans to expand their operations and open additional retail stores. This growth will be supported by the ongoing collaboration between AUTO-EM and Impact Soft, as they continue to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail systems. 

LS Retail implementation partner

Impact Soft

Impact Soft was founded in 1993. During this time, the company's specialists have gained unique experience in the automation of ERP and business management solutions in various industries.

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