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Aisakos trades raw materials in the chemicals, pulp, paper & packaging, and food & beverage industries. After years of dealing only with wholesales, Aisakos decided to open its own retail stores.  

Business Case 

In their early stages, Aisakos used a simple version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to cover trading and inventory management for wholesale merchandise. When the company entered the retail industry, the ERP proved to be insufficient. Aisakos realized they needed a complete retail solution that could be fully integrated with the ERP system and would fill the gap of retail management. The ideal software would allow them to manage the stores both at the warehouse and sales level, while addressing the challenges of the industry.  

The solution 

Ergologic SA, one of LS Retail’s certified partners in Greece, supported Aisakos in this project. They suggested LS Central, a complete software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP with retail-specific functionality. 

One of the primary reasons for choosing the solution was the possibility to centralize control of all stocks of retail stores and transactions. The company could rely on the expertise and specialization of the staff of Ergologic SA for the implementation. “Our IT partner knew exactly what to do and how to make a successful and on-time implementation to keep the results in line with our requirements” says George Manolitsis, ERP Assistant at Aisakos SA.  


LS Central proved to be the ideal choice, revealing immediate advantages to the company. With the new system, Aisakos can focus on sales and customer service, and has reduced time spent on transactions and other day-to-day tasks. 

Some of the benefits Aisakos enjoys having a unified commerce system include: 

  • Total control over all goods in the various warehouses 
  • Warehouse management 
  • Complete financial management of transactions 
  • Accurate handling of tax forms 
  • Management of financial statements 

With LS Retail to support them, Aisakos is confident that they’ll be able to keep up with evolving consumer expectations and changing business demands. 


The flexibility of LS Retail software allows us to adapt to the customers’ needs and improve their customer service, while keeping up with the constant challenges found in the commerce industry.

George Manolitsis, ERP Assistant

The key is to have a flexible and easy-to-use software, such as LS Central, that is constantly evolving, offering features and processes that aim at the future evolution of a business’s transactions and day-to-day operations.

George Manolitsis, ERP Assistant

LS Retail implementation partner


ERGOLOGIC SA specializes in designing, installing, supporting, and maintaining integrated ERP & CRM Solutions for SMEs and large businesses in both private and public sectors. Leveraging strategic partnerships and certified to ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 27001:2015 standards, ERGOLOGIC delivers user-friendly applications that emphasize ease of access, quick results, and cost-effectiveness. With more than 80 experienced consultants and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ERGOLOGIC SA positions itself as a trusted IT partner.

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