23 Airports & 150 Duty Free Stores

23 Airports & 150 Duty Free Stores

23 international airports that serve more than 40 million people annually

An average of three thousand people visit about 150 Duty Free Stores every day of the year. Many of those shops are automated thanks to LS Retail software solutions, which were implemented by BSA.

The LS Retail software has made Duty Free Store's operations much easier, simpler and faster. It is now much easier to manage inventory control, customs accounting, pricing, integration with any equipment (from fiscal printer to EFT).

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • The system is easy to use and fully integrated, a true all-in-one IT environment with a single data base.
  • Customers can choose the currency they want to use to pay. Exchange rates are automatically uploaded according to Central Bank data.
  • It takes only one step to scan the boarding pass, to see the flight destination and to determine the customs regime.
  • The POS system is synchronized with the Frequent Flyer programs of the airlines.
  • The system provides clear, efficient and - most importantly - speedy customer service.

As a result, the number and spending of Duty Free Stores' customers is steadily growing. The LS Retail software solution is implemented through BSA in Duty Free Stores across Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Poland.


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Business Solutions Adviser (BSA)

BSA is a company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a business management solution with more than one million users worldwide. Established in 2010 our company has collected impressive expertize knowledge in automating retail and distributors enterprises from multiple countries.

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