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Retail POS and software systems for festivals and events

Written by Joerg Schmikale | 06 September 2016


City festivals, music events, sport events of just these day soccer public viewing – people are attracted to dozens of activity options each week. All these events have one thing in common, retailers are there. Retailers provide hospitality services, sell tickets, souvenirs or fashion accessories. Another thing that is often the case is that the retailers are paying fees to the event organizers. If that is the case it is very important for the retailer to keep track of their sales in order to find out whether participating in the event pays off. For very small retailers who participate in just a few events a year, an ECR might be enough as a retail solution. But retailers who make their living from these events would need a better retail management system. The retailer would need to keep detailed track on the sales and the cost in order to decide whether an event is successful and participating makes sense or maybe a different event at the same time provides better profit. However such better retail management systems had a major downside for these type of retailers so far – the costs for license and configuration.

So how can a small retailer reduce this cost?

The good news is that the latest generations retail solutions can be more affordable thanks to the advancement in technology:

This of course could be the perfect solution not only at seasonal events like summer festival, but also for those retailers who participate at Christmas markets or all kind of other activities as well.

Choosing the ideal retail Point of Sale system: what to consider?

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