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Why online buyers abandon shopping carts (and how to win them back) [infographic]

Written by Giada Pezzini | 25 January 2016

Every day, e-commerce retailers lose a large part of their potential sales due to abandoned shopping carts. Shopping cart abandonment - occurring when shoppers put items in their cart, but then don’t complete the purchase - is a major e-commerce concern. It is not enough for e-commerce retailers to attract people to their website, showcase great products and tempt customers with offers: 7 out of 10 shoppers who put items in their cart will still walk away from a purchase [Tweet this]. What are the causes of shopping cart abandonment, and what can online retailers do to win back runaway shoppers? Check out our infographic to learn about the most common reasons that lead shoppers to give up an online purchase, and what retailers can do to decrease shopping cart abandonment rate.  

(click to enlarge - opens in a new tab) decrease cart abandonment [infographic]