Social Responsibility

LS Retail is a proud sponsor of the following organizations and initiatives:

Icelandic Sports Association for people with disabilities (ISAD)

ISAD was formed on May 17th 1979 and is a member of the Icelandic Sports Association. ISAD organizes competitions in numerous athletic categories such as bocce, table tennis, soccer, winter sports, weight-lifting and swimming for athletes with mental or physical disabilities. The main purpose of ISAD is to manage every athletic category, promote sport for people with disabilities, and educate the general public about athletic programs. ISAD represents Iceland abroad on issues regarding athletics for people with disabilities and protecting the interests of all members within the organization. The Icelandic Special Olympics committee also operates under the organization and since first competing in 1980, Iceland has won 37 gold medals at the Special Olympics.

Drekaslod (Dragon’s Path)

Dragon’s Path is an organization that provides assistance to victims of abuse and others that are affected by abuse, and helps them become more self-reliant in dealing with their situation. Their doors are open to anybody that has gone through any kind of abuse, whether it is sexual abuse, victims of bullying, victims of physical or mental abuse etc. They offer private consultation, group consultation as well as a variety of long-term services tailored to each individual’s or group’s needs.

Maeðrastyrksnefnd (Subvention for Mothers)

This organization is run collectively by eight different women’s associations. Its aim is to support those in need, and to allocate food and clothing to people undergoing financial difficulties. This organization was established in 1928 when one of Iceland’s largest fishing vessels was lost at sea, taking the lives of fifteen Icelandic fishermen. A group of women wanted to give a financial help to the families of those lost at sea, so they came together and formed the subvention for mothers. Today not only single mothers but also men and families seek the association’s help. All the women working in the organizations are volunteers. This organization has since developed into one of the most renowned organizations in Iceland and LS Retail is extremely proud to take part in it.


Samhjálp is an organization which aims to aid the less fortunate in life, whether because of drug abuse, poverty or other reasons. Samhjálp has operated for almost 40 years. The organization helps people get back on their feet so that they can be contributing to society. The association offers a variety of services including rehab centers, health care for rehab patients, social centers, a homeless shelter, a food kitchen, a second-hand clothing store, and more activities. Samhjálp relies a great deal on the contribution of corporations and individuals and LS Retail is proud to be part of it.

Mrs. Ragnheidur

One of the many projects that LS Retail supports is the Mrs. Ragnheidur project run by the Red Cross in Iceland. This project aims to assist drug addicts, alcoholics and the homeless in Reykjavik. Mrs. Ragnheidur is an ambulance that drives around Reykjavik and provides free healthcare to addicts and homeless people. This project started in early 2011, and more than 80 healthcare workers now participate, including nurses, social workers, alcohol and drug counselors, and psychologists. Few projects of the Red Cross have the same high level of education as this one. This project has improved the health care of addicts immensely and has saved millions in state funding, besides decreasing dramatically the burden of the City of Reykjavík and its hospitals.

Bocuse d’Or Academie Islande

The Bocuse d’Or is considered the world’s toughest gastronomy contest for individual chefs. Bocuse d’Or Academie Islande has taken part eight times, claiming a top ten spot each time. Bocuse de Bronze once, twice the fifth place, twice seventh, once the eighth and twice the ninth. The owners of the Icelandic Academie are all the chefs who have taken part on behalf of Iceland along with four senior chefs who run the Academie. LS Retail is one of the main sponsors of the Bocuse d’Or Academie Islande and their participation in the international contest.