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Online Fiscalization Certicate successfully achieved in Hungary

Written by LS Retail | 27 November 2014

"Of course, without the enthusiasm, continuous support and unfaltering trust of Foot Locker International and Foot Locker Hungary, no such success could have been accomplished." says Csiák-Sedivy Gyula, ERP Sales Manager at Laurel Corporation. As part of the project, a new, fiscalized version of LS Nav, compliant to the latest version of the fiscal law in Hungary, has been tested by the customer and K3 Business Solutions, while the BackOffice and POS customization were provided by both LAUREL Corporation and K3. After several tests, phone conferences, hard work an long hours, the online fiscalization certificate was issued by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office in late August 2014. While the certificate was issued, still lot of negotiations and UAT-tests were at hand, but finally on the 29th of September, 2014, the GO-LIVE date has arrived and the hungarian store finally started its first day with LS Nav POS and BackOffice solution. The BackOffice database is connected with FootLocker International’s Central Data Warehouse, so now it is also getting valuable transactions from the store in Budapest, as part of the Business Intelligence reports. "Again I would like to take the opportunity and thank all projects members of K3 Business Solutions and Foot Locker International, and last, but not least the team of LAUREL Corporation for this great success" concludes Csiák-Sedivy Gyula.