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LS Nav Point of Sale fully certified to operate in the Australian retail grocery market

Written by LS Retail | 27 February 2018


As of February 20, 2018, the LS Nav Point of Sale (POS) is officially certified by the Australian National Measurement Institute for weight and measure.

The National Measurement Institute is an official body of the Australian Government responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement. In Australia, Point of Sale systems that connect to a measuring instrument (such as supermarket scales) and perform functions such as stored tare or price computation are required to be assessed against the necessary requirements by the National Measurement Institute.

The goal of the assessment is to ensure that the POS system provides clear and accurate information for the business and customer, for example in the form of customer and operator displays and receipt and label printing. The verification of POS systems also ensures that the instruments are set up and configured correctly according to the relevant certificate of approval.

“LS Retail’s goal is to make business easy, and this certification is another step in that direction. Thanks to this official certificate, our partners in Australia will be able to deploy LS Nav for the grocery market without having to go through extensive time and effort during the implementation process,” said Qiping Sun, Vice President APAC at LS Retail.  


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