Mission & Values


Make your business easy – Help you get your job done with the outcome you desire – Help you run your business successfully.


Our continuous success rest on values based on long-term thinking, high quality and visionary ideology. LS Retail is akin to a family business: friendship and trust underlie our cooperation, in an ever expanding quest for progress and excellence. Each employee is always willing to work as one and take on whatever task lies ahead. These values are mirrored through our ever-widening network of business partners with installations in approximately 145 countries worldwide.Our corporate values are our DNA: they shape our corporate culture and define the behavior of our employees.



Employees have the authority and means to contribute, working towards the goal of delivering best-in-class retail solutions.


We continuously deliver value by accumulating retail knowledge from our global network and incorporating it into our products and services.


We show integrity by being honest,
respectful and open towards ourselves and others.


Quality Policy Statement

We offer stable, diverse and specialized services that are aimed at identifying and conforming to the needs of our customers. Our ambition is to distinguish ourselves with fast, direct and cordial responses.We look at our customers as our partners; when we co-operate the result is optimal. We work in a positive environment, with a sensitive and direct approach to our clientele. We respect each other’s time, keep our promises and respect confidentiality.