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LS Retail | 02 May 2019

6 reasons why you should become an LS One partner

6 reasons why you should become an LS One partner

You may be familiar with LS One, our Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail and food service. On top of the POS, it also features a back office with reporting functionality powered by Microsoft PowerBI. It is a cost-effective solution with deep functionality, ideal for both small and medium retailers needing a sales software, as well as for larger retailers that already have an ERP and need a front-of-house solution.

In the past few years, LS One has experienced explosive growth. Last year alone, the number of businesses using LS One has increased by 32%, and this year, we are on track for record sales – again!

At the same time, LS One has teamed up with other large tech solution providers such as SAP, SAP Business One, Nitrosell, and Shopify e-commerce to create joint software solutions that solve retailers’ main problem: hard-to-integrate, hardly communicating software systems. The result is a complete retail solution that covers all modern retailers’ needs, and is fully integrated and ready to go, straight out of the box.

If you are a software provider, there are plenty of good reasons for you to partner up with us, and start offering LS One to your current and future customers.

Not convinced? Here are 6 reasons you should take into consideration.

1. Take advantage of the great opportunities in the retail market

To take advantage of the opportunities in business technology, industry experts agree that you must be ready to verticalize. "If you've got expertise in a particular market space and know more about the various technology issues for a given industry, then you're a better choice for that end customer than a competitor that doesn't," says Dave Sobel, CEO of Evolve Technologies.

The retail markets across North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) each are expected to grow about 3% annually in the next five years, according to projections from IHL Group. Retail is a very dynamic and innovative industry, characterized by continuous change and strong investments in technology. According to the RIS News report “Evolution of the next-gen POS,” 69% of retailers are planning to upgrade or replace their POS system within the next two years. That’s an exceptionally high level of activity – and a great opportunity, for those ready to catch it.

2. Offer a tested, reliable solution with proven retail functionalities

So you want to enter the retail technology market. Great! That means you need to offer technology with industry-specific focus and functionalities. To do that, you have two ways. You can start offering any cheap, online POS. Or you can decide to go with a solution that is already known and tested in the industry.

Selecting a complete solution that already has a solid reputation in retail reduces your risk factor: when customers find a software system that gives them all the functionality they need, and adapts to the changing needs of the market, they are more likely to stick by it – renewing their business commitment with you, too.

3. Deliver a retail solution that works out of the box

Many of the POS and retail software solutions in the market require costly and complex integrations – forcing you to acquire (or pay dearly for) specialized knowledge to learn how to implement them, run them and maintain them.

Not LS One.

With LS One, you can offer an integrated tech package that includes everything retailers need to run a modern business – from the ERP, to the Point of Sale, to reporting, to omni-channel sales. And as the system comes with out-of-the-box integrations, you don’t have to get any special competency, or do complex work to connect the solutions. It’s all been done for you. What’s best, the official connections are certified by both LS Retail and the relevant partner company (for example SAP, Shopify, NitroSell, Magento e-commerce). This means that if you hit a snag, you can always get official support from the software providers.

4. Give your customers a choice

What if the customer is only looking for a Point of Sale solution, and doesn’t want to invest in an ERP system?

You are in luck.

LS One can, but doesn’t have to, be connected to an ERP. It can also be run as a standalone solution to process sales, create retail promotions, run loyalty programs and manage inventory and items – basically, for all necessary retail processes. And the best part is, your customers can decide to start with LS One on its own, and later connect it to an ERP system. At that point, you can easily install the preferred ERP solution, and create a seamless stream of communication with LS One Integration Framework.

5. Open up multiple opportunities

Many retail solutions only fulfil the needs of a small subset of retail companies. Some offer only single-store management; others can only handle physical locations; others still only include functionality for fashion or food retail.

LS One gives you much more than that, and enables you to expand your offering to:

  • Multiple retail segments.
    LS One includes specialized functionality for several industries within retail. Some of the in-depth functionality covered includes fashion, duty free, furniture, food service, grocery, forecourt and pharmacy.
  • Businesses of different sizes.
    LS One is a cost-effective software solution which can easy be scaled up or down. Today, companies of all sizes use LS One to run their business, from startups, to small and medium retailers, to large, international retail chains with many locations across different geographies.
  • International retailers. LS One can easily handle many payment types, and is available in multiple languages. It is, therefore, a good choice for businesses operating in different countries, as well as for companies with international expansion plans.

LS One also has a flexible infrastructure, and can be used both online and offline. This feature makes it ideal for use in international markets, as different countries tend to have different requirements when it comes to system architecture and connectivity.

6. Get a retail software designed by retail experts

LS One is built on more than 15 years of experience in the retail and food service industries. It is currently used by thousands of customers ranging from a single store to an enterprise environment. We know the industry, and we build our solutions to tackle current and future needs of the market, based on the constant feedback we receive from our partners and customers.

As RSM Georgia Solutions, an LS One partner in Georgia put it, “LS One is a rare combination: a powerful POS system that is also very intuitive and easy to use. After becoming LS One partners, we have learned that the people behind the solution are just as great. The LS One team has proved to be an invaluable ally, ready to help us with any questions or doubts that might arise.”

 Are you ready to start a new adventure with us? Apply to become a partner.

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