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LS Retail | 19 August 2015

Don't hold back your takeout service

Don't hold back your takeout service

How can you inspire people to order takeout at your restaurants, again and again?

Excellent food and competitive pricing are not enough. People want to be able to order quickly; to add modifiers to the dishes; to be able to take advantage of special offers. Are you able to give your customers all of this, and more? Do you need some assistance? LS Central for restaurants is here to help you become more efficient, enabling you to offer great service in a timely fashion, all the time. With LS Nav Hospitality you will be able to offer your customers fast ordering through your Hospitality mobile loyalty app, with pick-up at your location, as well as advanced ordering and delivery service through a call center.

The Hospitality mobile loyalty app: ordering at the tip of your fingers

Do you customers want to make complex orders with lots of modifiers, fast and accurately? Then the mobile loyalty app is the right service for them. Customers can select items from a menu that lists all your restaurant’s dishes and deals, including offers and coupons. When adding the products to the basket, your customers have the option to modify the items and deals, make special requests and activate discounts and offers. Once the order is complete the app creates a QR code, which can then be scanned at a priority POS terminal in the restaurant. The app also includes a history for the user‘s orders, making the ordering process even faster for regulars. By ordering through the app, your customers can be sure that their order will be logged in correctly, no matter how many modifiers and special requests they include.

Call center ordering: fast and efficient

With LS Nav Hospitality you’ll be able to offer superior call center services. Some of the system’s features that ensure great speed and effectiveness are:
  • Integration with the restaurant management system: When taking a call the operator can easily register the customer’s details. The system then automatically creates a contact in NAV, the software solution’s ERP system.
  • Configurable screen design: Rearrange the sections, change the colors, assign different functions to the buttons and set up shortcuts to ensure the best and fastest flow.
  • Order history: The call taker can select one of the customers’ older orders as basis for the new one, making the process simpler and faster.
  • Comment section: It is possible to add notes for each registered customer – for example special comments, or complaints. Do you want to offer superior customer service? Create triggers linked to the comment section. For instance, if the section includes multiple complaints, you might decide to award the customer extra points or a free voucher, to gain back the customer’s trust – and business. And if your customers have downloaded your loyalty app, you can send the points or offers directly to their mobile.
  • Internal messaging: Head office and restaurant locations can communicate with the call center, for example to inform the call takers about upcoming offers, delays or missing ingredients in specific restaurant locations.
  • Waiting time display: The call taker can see the current average production time in each restaurant, as well as the number of orders currently in process. The responder is thus able to choose the most convenient location, and then inform the customer of the time the order will be ready.
  • Easy driver dispatching: Orders can manually assigned to drivers. To make the process more efficient, orders can be organized by street grid.
  Is your takeout service as good as your food, or do you need some help to bring it on par? If your customers call asking for the same dish they bought last week, delivered at the same address, can you satisfy them – fast and easily? If the answer is “no”, contact us to find out how LS Nav Hospitality can take your customer service up a notch.
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