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LS Retail | 18 May 2015

4 easy tricks to sell effectively

4 easy tricks to sell effectively

Every salesman believes his or hers sales techniques are effective: they are tried, they have been successful in the past and they will, therefore, also work in the future – and why not? However, even the most seasoned salesman can up their game with the help of psychology. By leveraging the powers of surprise and novelty, everyone can become a better vendor. Here are 4 simple steps to sell more effectively:

1. Do your research

Studies have shown that when we concentrate, during the first half hour we think by using the logical part of our brain. After thirty minutes, however, our brain enters into creative thinking mode – and that is when some of the most original, best ideas will pop up. Sales professionals should thoroughly research prospects before contacting them, and make sure that their research takes longer than half an hour, to unleash all of their brain’s potential and make sure they do not miss a single good idea.

2. Tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Historically, humans have always told stories to transmit information, rules of behavior and safety instructions. Stories work on different layers: the moral message is hidden inside a narrative framework that appeals to our brain. The stories’ entertainment value keeps the brain concentrated and helps hammering in the message. Give your prospects information through storytelling; you’ll guarantee high level of emotional engagement and ensure that your information will be safely stored in your listeners’ memory.

3. Violate the norms

Our brains tend to go through day-to-day activities trying to save energy, which is why we do not store all the information we perceive. However, when normalcy is disrupted, our brain activates, releasing a burst of dopamine and adrenalin: we pay closer attention, and memorize better what is going on around us. Surprise is a strong emotion, which triggers memory. Break the rules and surprise your prospects with an original solution; you will gain their close attention and become memorable.

4. Use pictures and visuals

Visual aids are a tried and tested way to break the monotony of a long verbal presentation. Psychologists confirm that pictures are, indeed, an effective tool: they trigger the memory, and help memorizing specific points. Research shows that one week after a presentation, participants recalled just 10% of it if the presentation was purely verbal; but when the presentation also included visuals, participants could recall up to 70% of it. Link your key points to original visuals to make sure that your listeners can recall your core ideas easily and fast.
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