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Verasu started its journey in 1976 as the first distributor of imported microwaves in Thailand. Later on, the company expanded its product selection by adding home and kitchen appliances as well as glassware, always staying true to their brand identity - high-quality products and excellent customer service. Today Verasu runs 23 retail stores across Bangkok and nearby provinces.

A growing company

When Verasu decided to expand their business to gain access to customers in urbanized areas, they realized that to achieve this goal they would have to understand the product needs of a wide range of clients with different lifestyles. This meant having a system that could analyze sales data, help plan purchase of the right products and manage inventory effectively.

The right tool to expand the business

To respond to the new challenges ahead, Verasu decided to implement LS Nav, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the ERP. The system covers the whole operation, enabling companies to manage their entire business, from sales to merchandising to customer service, through one platform. LS Nav also offers strong retail functionalities, a component which was fundamental in Verasu’s choice. The system was deployed with the help of Bhatara Progress, a certified LS Retail partner. The teams started with a pilot store, and then progressively implemented the system to the rest of the locations.

Better service with LS Nav

Verasu has seen great benefits to its business since implementing LS Nav. The company now has total control of its whole business, from front to back, through one single platform. Inventory management and stock replenishment of each branch in the chain can now be managed efficiently. Purchasing is also managed centrally and more effectively. Thanks to this end-to-end solution, Verasu now knows exactly how much they need to buy of each product in all of the chain’s locations. Thanks to the tools in LS Nav Verasu has improved the effectiveness of its marketing activities, which enable the chain to offer its customers promotions, personalized coupons and a loyalty program.