Ukve is one of the pioneers in Asian fast-food in Georgia. The company runs three branches around Tbilisi with both eat-in and delivery service options. Founded four years ago, Ukve was one of the first restaurants in the area to offer diverse, high quality Asian cuisine at affordable prices, including an assortment of sushi, rice, and noodle dishes. Ukve promises their customers that they will receive the best value for their money, with the freshest ingredients accompanied by high standards of service.


The business case

With their previous software solution, Ukve struggled with business decisions. The company encountered several challenges:

  • As the data was stored across several databases, it was hard to get a clear picture of business
  • A lot of time was wasted trying to collate and analyze disconnected data
  • The data was often unreliable due to technical errors

With a quickly growing customer base, Ukve realized they required a new Point of Sale (POS). To be able to expand successfully, the company decided the new POS system would need to be fast and flexible, and provide accurate reporting.

The solution

Ukve began searching for a POS system with a good set of functionality and that offered integration with a financial module. After consulting with IT company RSM Georgia Solutions, Ukve came to the decision to implement POS system LS One combined with a powerful ERP system, SAP Business One. LS One includes an out-of-the-box integration to SAP Business One, which ensures that implementation is fast, and that all data is always synchronized. Thanks to the ready-made integration, implementation of both software solutions was quick and easy, even when taking into account Ukve´s unique needs throughout the setup process.


With a powerful POS solution connected to the ERP, Ukve now has reliable and consistent business information. Ukve has seen the following improvements:

  • They now can easily take orders and customize them to customers’ demands, adding and removing ingredients
  • Orders are sent straight to the kitchen without the risk of mistakes
  • The payment experience has been modernized, with faster, seamless transactions
  • The powerful, reliable reporting system has improved financial decision-making

Thanks to their new, highly efficient software setup, Ukve can finally deliver great guest experiences and respond to the challenges of the industry readily, and with ease.

The implementation of the integrated LS One and SAP Business One has enabled us to manage our business on a single platform and gain complete control over all aspects of business operations in real time.

Tata Kapanadze, Quality Manager

A powerful reporting system allows us to monitor our sales online, and make the financial decision we need at the right moment.

Tata Kapanadze, Quality Manager