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The Baby's Corner

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Founded in 1996, The Baby’s Corner is an innovative concept in the world of retail and fashion for new moms, babies and children. The store, located in Belgium, also runs an online shop.   

Digitizing the store

After 20 years of operation, and after growing the business tenfold in size, The Baby’s Corner decided that it was time to implement a new, high-quality management system. The company selected the LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics. The software solution was implemented by TCOG, a local LS Retail partner.

Centralized management

Today The Baby’s Corner can manage its physical and online stores with one, powerful platform. Finances and customer management are also centralized, giving management a clear view over the business and enabling them to better serve their customers, whichever the channel they use to shop.


By running the new system on tablets, The Baby’s Corner can now let customers select and scan items for their gift registry on their own. Thanks to this technology, the company can now make maximum use of its staff.


The new labeling system enables The Baby’s Corner’s team to spend less time searching for lost items.

Improved stock management

The automatic ordering system is a big time-saver for the team. The system also ensures that only a small stock of each product is kept in-store, cutting costs and optimizing space.

The Baby's Corner

We now have an all-in-one software platform. Financial management, customer management and online store are centralized, which saves us time.

Sonia Pypaert, Managing Director and founder

LS Retail implementation partner


TCOG is a Microsoft GOLD partner. They guide you through the automation of various business processes: going from inventory management, warehouse management, purchase and sales, retail, to financial management, CRM and human resources management. With their industry know-how and no-nonsense approach, they can properly analyze the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.

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