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Business case

As Spinneys expanded with new stores and services like home delivery, they faced several operational challenges beyond their current software’s capabilities. These included difficulties with reporting and analytics, inefficient replenishment processes, and inconsistent data exchange between headquarters and stores.

To overcome these challenges and take advantage of advanced POS features, Spinneys decided to move to a new business management solution. Their objectives were clear:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Streamline data management between headquarters and stores
  • Ensure access to critical business information from all locations


Spinneys chose LS Retail software because it covers Point of Sale (POS), ERP (back-office), and store operations on a single platform, which was crucial for their decision-making process.

The company partnered with LS Retail expert in Egypt, Dynamics Link, for the implementation. Although the teams initially faced challenges with module setup, configuration, and handling master data including various item variations, groups, and divisions, these issues were quickly resolved with Dynamics Link’s expertise. “With the support of the Dynamics Link team, we were able to maximize our investment and leverage even more functionalities,” says Youssef Olama, IT Manager at Spinneys. 


The implementation of LS Retail software at Spinneys has streamlined both front-end and back-end operations, leading to significant cost savings and increased revenue. Key benefits include:

  • Effective item hierarchy – LS Retail software provides a structured framework for classifying and grouping products, making it easier for staff to navigate. "The detailed structuring of items and their hierarchy, along with efficient analysis and sales reporting, significantly increased our sales and helped us minimize losses," says Olama.
  • Optimized inventory management – LS Retail software has improved inventory management by optimizing product distribution between locations, ensuring that each store receives the right products at the right time based on demand and sales.
  • Increased average basket sizes - The loyalty program and promotions available in LS Retail software, like Mix & Match offers, have attracted more customers but also increased average purchase sizes, leading to significant revenue growth.
  • Additional revenue streams - By leveraging supplier contacts and roles in LS Retail software, Spinneys has opened new revenue streams and business opportunities.

The enhancements provided by LS Retail software have significantly improved operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction at Spinneys. The company is now exploring the possibility of running the Software as a Service (SaaS) model rather than on-premises. This capability would allow them to enhance accessibility and collaboration in the workplace while minimizing IT maintenance efforts.

Spinneys With LS Retail software, we were able to manage and expand our company, meeting our business needs across all departments. Due to the system's flexibility and resources, Spinneys Egypt can now easily adapt to changes in business needs.
Youssef Olama, IT Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Dynamics Link

Dynamics Link is an award-winning technology provider that offers software solutions and services that boost sales, reduce costs, analyze finances, and ensure security. They cater to the needs of various industries including retail, F&B, hospitality, pharmaceutical, trading, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, governments, and more. Their goal is to empower businesses with solutions that elevate their operational wheel and business growth.

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