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Office 1 Superstore

Office 1 Superstore International is a global franchise store chain specializing in office supplies. Since opening the first store in Bulgaria in 1997, Office 1 Superstore has become a leading supplier of office equipment in the country. Today they run over 500 stores across 24 countries, with more than 110 commercial outlets and 1700 employees in Bulgaria alone. The company has become a synonym with quality, reliability and trustworthiness.

Needing a robust system

As one of Bulgaria’s largest retailers, Office 1 Superstore assists thousands of clients every day, generating large amounts of data in the process. As the company started to grow, they realized that their management system was not up to the task. At the time, Office 1 Superstore used various software systems in the stores and at the central office; this caused a data disconnect, which made it difficult for the company to take informed business decisions. Other problems included:

  • High amount of mistakes, as all data was entered manually.
  • Manual input of information was very time-consuming. As data was recorded with a delay, the company was unable to use it effectively to analyze their current situation.
  • There was not a single database, so communication between partners and suppliers was very complicated.
  • Without an integrated customer database, client information (sales per client, payments, etc.) was stored in separate systems. This complicated the customer services and the operational work, and caused duplicate records across the systems.

With these challenges obstructing the day-to-day operations, Office 1 Superstore began looking for a more suitable business software solution. The new system would need a common customer database, tools improving the communication with partners, accurate reports and detailed business analyses.

LS Retail software: a complete business solution

After carefully researching various ERP systems and vendors, Office 1 Superstore chose LS Retail software, a single software solution that helps manage the whole business end-to-end. The company aimed at closing the data and communication gaps between main office, store locations and employees. The implementation took place with the assistance of Intelligent Systems Bulgaria, a local LS Retail partner. The team at Intelligent Systems Bulgaria created some custom functionalities to meet the needs of Office 1 Superstore. They added a specific module to follow the pricing policy of the company, and they extended the company’s ability to create promotions, convert cross-selling opportunities, and effectively manage customer loyalty schemes. Within a couple of months the LS Retail software solution was implemented in the main office, all commercial outlets and the online shop. The new system has unified all business activities in a single database, giving management real-time secure access to crucial corporate information. Office 1 Superstore now relies on LS Retail software for the effective management of all store processes. Thanks to the system’s wide range of functionalities, a large number of big business opportunities have opened up for Office 1 Superstore.

A solution to existing problems, and so much more

Since implementing LS Retail software, the company has not only overcome all previous challenges, but also seen a number of improvements in operational and managerial activities. Office 1 Superstore has managed to improve its customer service, cut costs and increase revenue. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast and easy access to information on all business processes thanks to the integrated system
  • Unified customer database, which has improved services and relations with partners and suppliers
  • Increased information security
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Reduced workload for system administrators
  • Ability to create flexible pricing schemes
  • Increased sales, improved financial indexes, and simplified accounting processes
  • Optimized cost and supply planning
  • Improved receipt and dispatch of goods with barcode scanners at warehouse
  • Effective decision-making using timely reports and analyses
  • Possibility for outlets to work offline, even without a connection to the main office, thanks to the system’s high flexibility and resilience

With the help of LS Retail software, Office 1 Superstore can now offer first-class service to each and every customer, and plan for an even brighter future.

Office 1 Superstore

We have chosen the LS Retail software solution because it is a single software solution that embeds the whole process form POS terminals, through telemarketing and sales, to the business analysis via detailed reports and dashboards. We are and want to continue to be a leader in our sphere, and that made us choose the best software system on the market.

Mrs. Elka Kamenova, President of the Board of Directors
Office 1 Superstore

With the LS Retail software solution we have reduced costs and optimized our staffing by about 50%. At the same time, we have kept high revenue levels

Mrs. Elka Kamenova, President of the Board of Directors

LS Retail implementation partner

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems is an LS Retail partner and one of the leading business software consulting companies on the Balkans, serving more than 250 customers, many of them in the retail industry. Their customers include brands like Marks&Spencer, Celio, Office 1 Superstore, LC Waikiki, Sport 2000, CBA and many more.

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