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Nær opened its first cashierless location in July 2022 and will continue to expand its presence in the Icelandic capital area within the upcoming year.
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The company’s mission is to offer 24/7 shopping options outside of traditional shopping centers and deliver a convenient, fast shopping experience to customers who live in the neighborhood. “By digitizing the customer journey, we can open smaller stores in more places closer to our customers,” says Thordur Reynisson, CEO of Nær.

The solution

Nær selected local LS Retail partner NVL to implement the solution based on their expertise and extensive experience with some of the biggest supermarket chains in Iceland. “Nær wanted a standard solution that was simple to set up and operate, and also easy to use for customers,” says Saedis Gudny Hilmarsdottir, Retail Consultant at NVL. “LS Retail was the only company who had the technology to support this concept, ready to use.”

NVL and LS Retail Development teams performed user acceptance testing in the pilot store to ensure that the system met the company’s standards and end users’ requirements.


With the LS Retail software solution, LS Central, and ScanPayGo, Nær now has a flexible and powerful platform that can support the current and future needs of the communities in which they operate.

Once customers have downloaded the Nær app onto their smartphone, they can:

  • Access the store at any time
  • Identify themselves, scan and add items to their basket, and pay securely when they exit
  • Create shopping lists, see their shopping history, view offers and promotions, and collect and spend loyalty points

“The ScanPayGo app connects with LS Central which means all item data is available online,” says Hilmarsdottir. Each customer and shopping trip is assigned a unique QR code, which allows Nær to use purchase history and preferences to personalize interactions.

Ease of use, speed, and convenience were the primary reasons behind Nær’s concept. The company believes these play a key role in driving customers back, with Reynisson sharing: "During the first 3 or 4 days, we had over 1,500 people registered as members through the app, and more than 1,500 transactions over the same period."

Nær believes the future of POS is in the hands of the customers. The company can’t wait to leverage the functionality included in LS Central to understand their customers’ behavior and deliver an elevated, personalized experience.