The company

Marlies Dekkers graduated cum laude from the Academy of Art and Design in 1991. During the same year, she was named as best student of all art academies in the Netherlands with the ‘Zeebeltprijs’. With the aid of a government grant, she began work on her Undressed lingerie collection two years later. In a two-room flat in Amsterdam - with the fax next to her bed - she launched her lingerie brand Undressed by Marlies Dekkers in 1993. As early as 1994, she was awarded the Dutch Bodyfashion Award. In 1997, she received museological recognition with a solo exhibition in the Rotterdam Art Hall. In the autumn of 2004 the designer’s work was crowned with the Dutch ELLE’s Innovator of the Year Award followed in 2005 by the Grand Seigneur, the Dutch highest fashion award. On top of this in March 2007 Marlies Dekkers received the award of Business Woman of the Year. The award is granted in 15 different countries with as its main purpose the stimulation of women in high business positions. Nowadays, “marlies|dekkers“ has grown into an established brand at home and overseas with almost 1,000 sales outlets worldwide and more than 140 employees. Several marlies|dekkers stores can be found in The Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand and Paris. The designs of Marlies Dekkers are well known for their groundbreaking styling, their perfect fit and the detailed workmanship, as well as the use of modern materials and innovative techniques. Both national and international celebrities such as the Pussycat Dolls, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Pink wear “marlies|dekkers”.

The project

In this project K3 Landsteinar was confronted with a tight deadline. At the beginning of April 2007, marlies|dekkers started working with K3 Landsteinar. Within one month LS Retail and Dynamics NAV were implemented in both the Maastricht and the Paris stores. In the coming years marlies|dekkers is planning to open more stores in all the countries where the marlies|dekkers collection is already being sold.

The solution

marlies|dekkers’ success has resulted in the foundation and expansion of her own stores. The company looked for a retail ICT partner who could provide a complete retail solution that has proven itself in the international fashion retail market. Therefore, marlies|dekkers has chosen for the complete retail solution of K3 Landsteinar including LS Retail and Dynamics NAV for the store and logistics processes.


  • Flexibility of the system
  • Simplicity
  • Perfect addition for the current system


In October 2007 marlies|dekkers will implement LS Retail at the head office and in the two existing stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. As marlies|dekkers is looking to expand in other European countries they expect to implement LS Retail in many different countries around world.