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Húrra Reykjavík

Located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland, Húrra Reykjavík is a retail store with a clear goal: to offer Icelandic men the best options in fashion. The store, opened in September 2014, offers all the newest fashions for men, from North-European to Japanese to local brand names.

Looking for a complete solution

When Húrra Reykjavík opened its men’s clothing store in Reykjavík, they started looking for a complete retail management system that would allow them to oversee and track sales, stock and productivity, and keep track of all important metrics, from purchasing to customers. Húrra Reykjavík spent a lot of time researching sales and accounting systems. Many in the company had already had a good experience with the LS Retail software solution, and were eager to maintain the system. AGR Dynamics, a local LS Retail partner, advised the new company to implement LS Retail software. “We felt that LS Retail software was the perfect solution for Húrra Reykjavík, to help them reach their goals and meet all their needs,” says Guðjón Þór Mathiesen, Director of Sales at AGR Dynamics. The implementation went very smoothly, and as soon as the shop doors opened, Húrra Reykjavík was ready to sell and serve customers.

Improved merchandising and customer service

The team at Húrra Reykjavík is very satisfied with the choice. With the LS Retail software solution, the fashion store can examine sales history by item groups and even item numbers, and use the information for its sales and purchasing plans.For example, we can take the item group ‘sweaters’ and then look at the items within that group: ‘knitted sweaters,’ ‘university sweaters,’ ‘hooded sweaters,’ and ‘zippered sweaters.’ We can then look at specifics, such as how each of these sweaters sold monthly, or even weekly, and try and identify where we can do better,” explains Jón Davíð Davíðsson, CEO at Húrra Reykjavík. LS Retail software maintains customer records for each individual customer by connecting their Icelandic social security number to the Icelandic registry. With this information the company is able to identify what age group the majority of customers belong to, as well as the breakdown of male to female customers. “We were pleasantly surprised to see how many female customers we had! Through this same feature, we are also able to track the warrantee of the items that are purchased by our customers,” says Jón Davíð Davíðsson. The LS Retail software solution has made it possible for Húrra Reykjavík to directly connect the inventory with the web store. The website can now communicate with the inventory in real time, guaranteeing that the inventory shown in the web store is always accurate. “LS Retail software was the only system on the market that offered this solution, and this was one of the biggest benefits to our operation,” comments Jón Davíð.