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For more than fifteen years, Festi has been providing French customers with all the products they need to make their special days more festive. Festi runs 33 stores with over 70 POS across France, as well as an e-commerce website.

Business case

In 2013, Festi replaced its entire IT system with the support of Calliope, integrator and editor of Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail solutions. In January 2015 Festi decided to replace its management system. The solution they were previously using was made-to-measure, and could no longer manage the business challenges Festi was facing daily. Festi quickly decided Calliope would be the right company to help them accomplish this system switch.

The solution

Festi chose LS Retail software as its preferred solution. LS Retail software, based on Microsoft Dynamics, offers all the tools Festi needs to manage its business, front to back. Festi uses the system’s standard version, as it covers perfectly all the company’s requirements. The LS Retail software solution was selected mainly because it’s a complete solution, where all data is centralized, giving users the ability to keep the whole business under control, down to the detail. The deployment was done in less than 4 months, and in May 2015 all 33 stores went live on the same day.


For Festi, the main benefit of LS Retail software is its total integration, front to back. The database is very efficient, and allows to manage all information, all the way from central purchasing to accounting and transcription in stores. Since implementing LS Retail software, Festi can:
  • Enjoy full product traceability, from the moment a product is purchased, to its presence in-store, to its sale, to the delivery to the customer (for e-commerce sales).
  • Keep total control over the business. Management now has instantaneous feedback for all information flows, as well as better management of flows and stocks.
  • Manage all the parts of the business – from supply chain, to purchase orders, replenishment, e-commerce, accounting and sales – with one unique solution.

Festi is very satisfied with the solution, and plans to explore new possibilities. In the near future, Festi and Calliope will work to integrate the e-commerce website and the stores. They also plan to implement a loyalty program for customers.


The LS Retail software solution has helped us structure the company and achieve better control over our inventory.

Julien Borel, Purchasing Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


Calliope is a service company specializing in the development of vertical ERP and CRM solutions based upon the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

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