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Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, Ellingsen prides itself on being the country’s most diverse outdoor equipment store. The 100-year-old company offers a large range of products for activities such as hiking, camping, angling, hunting and kayaking.

Working with disconnected systems

Ellingsen was operating on a legacy POS solution that was not fully integrated with the ERP system. This disconnect caused many problems, and made inventory management especially problematic. For instance, it was difficult to export the settlement of sales to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and update the status of inventory accordingly. Transferring data from the ERP system to the POS solution was also complex. Ellingsen was happy with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but realized that the POS system needed a major upgrade.

A solution that came recommended

Ellingsen contacted LS Retail partner Advania, who had implemented the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system in the store, and asked for an integrated retail solution. Advania suggested the LS Retail software solution. Advania’s deep knowledge of LS Retail products and the fact that other LS Retail software users recommended the solution convinced Ellingsen that this was the right system for them. The implementation went smoothly, even if the company had many specific requirements. All snags that arose were solved by the team rapidly and easily.

Looking at the future

Although the new system was implemented recently, Ellingsen has already reaped benefits. The POS is more user-friendly, making operations quicker, and the ERP and POS system have much better integration. The team is still learning about all the features of the new solution; Ellingsen expects they will soon learn many more ways the LS Retail software solution can be used to simplify their day-to-day operations. For example, Ellingsen expects that inventory management will be much more precise and straightforward once they have started using codes for product attributes such as color and size.