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ELIE SAAB gets fitted with LS Retail

ELIE SAAB Group (ESG) is an international fashion house specialized in haute Couture dress making and bridal gowns with fine craftsmanship. Established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, ESG is now globally synonymous with luxury and modernity, and runs offices in Beirut, Paris and London. ESG has its headquarters in the ELIE SAAB building in Beirut with approximately 200 employees worldwide. ESG has leveraged information technology to effectively serve its global operations and customers spread.

Worldwide retail presence

The company is in the process of increasing its worldwide retail presence with new stores to be opened in major cities around the world. Due to the ongoing expansion of the group’s operations and advancements in information technology, ESG decided to migrate to a more sophisticated and integrated IT system that would provide the tools and automation needed to serve its requirements in aligning strategies and operations, continuing to provide their clients with a high level of service while taking advantage of the technology’s development. ELIE SAAB Group was looking for a full retail ERP application to fit its dynamic business and to operate in its headquarters in Beirut and its retail locations in Lebanon, France and England to replace a currently used system and to handle the financial, production and retail aspects of the business. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail software were the selected solution that would provide the flexibility and the speed they were looking for.

Implementing the solution

ELIE SAAB Group worked with LS Retail implementation partner Megatek to implement the solution. While ESG wanted to avoid complex infrastructure with multiple interfaces and applications when choosing the suitable solution, it still had a diverse set of strict objectives with desired benefits in mind:

  • Align strategies and operations
  • Provide immediate access to enterprise information
  • Guarantee data integrity & reliability
  • Tighten security at the user, form and report levels
  • Report writing
  • Adapt to dynamic business change/ growth
  • Support ELIE SAAB Group technology requirements

In the end, the LS Retail software solution was the right choice for the company. "It was clear that the LS Retail software solution with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Megatek are the leaders," says Lama Ibrahim, Systems Administrator, Elie Saab Group. "LS Retail software supports operations from the head office and complex multistore environments, making it the ideal solution for Elie Saab to continue its expansion.”

LS Retail implementation partner


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