Electrolux Home

Electrolux Home

Founded in 1995, the Electrolux Home chain runs 50+ shops throughout Sweden, and online.


The Electrolux Home franchise chain offers complete kitchen and storage furnishings, appliances, and a wide range of carefully selected household items.

Looking at the future

In order to drive their business into the future, Electrolux Home decided to replace their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The company started looking for an end-to-end software solution that would enable them to offer their customers a consistent experience throughout the whole chain, uniting physical stores and e-commerce site.

Electrolux Home went through a rigorous evaluation process. The electronics retailer mapped its specifications and evaluated different systems and suppliers with the goal of finding the combination that would best support their business processes.

A simple choice

After looking into multiple vendors and software solutions, Electrolux selected LS Retail software, a complete retail solution based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, as its new system. 

A system that adapts to retail needs

"LS Retail software solution is easy to use and supports customer service." said Electrolux Home's management. They are also happy about LS Retail software's scalability: the system will grow with the company as it expands, enabling them to develop their product range and increase the number of stores.

With LS Retail software solution, Electrolux Home is confident they will be able to keep on improving on many fronts, from customer experience across the channels to logistics management.

We are very pleased we found a solution where POS and business management system are integrated into a standard solution which fits our functional requirements to a very high degree. We are also confident with the provider, as this particular solution has been implemented by many other retailers.

Cecilia De Govia, Project Manager

LS Retail Partner

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