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When the Swedish vehicle inspection market was deregulated in 2010, Besikta decided to take the plunge and do something different. They believed inspections had not evolved at the same pace as cars, and wanted to set a new standard for vehicle inspection. Compared with the past, today’s cars are close to rolling computers, and inspections must be adjusted accordingly. Besikta started a vehicle inspection that is now one of the largest in Sweden, with 78 stations in southern Sweden and Mälardalen. Besikta does all the inspections the law requires, plus much more. The company’s ultimate goal is to make people’s cars safer while offering a great customer experience.

Looking for a cutting-edge system

Besikta has the high ambition to offer the most efficient and innovative services when it comes to vehicle inspection. The IT solutions used are a very important component for achieving these objectives, as they can make customers feel secure and confident when using their services. When the time came to choose a new system to manage all operations, Besikta selected a system based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP combined with LS Retail software solution to manage both POS and back office.

A simple implementation

The implementation journey was fast and straight-forward for Besikta. Since most of the requirements were already part of the standard solution, development and customizations took a very short time.

The biggest challenge Besikta faced was to customize the user interface, which was based on Dynamics CRM. “It is very exciting to be involved in a completely new IT system for a new player in the now deregulated inspection market in Sweden. By combining all the business expertise that exists within Besikta together with CGI's experience in IT and business solutions, we will be able to create customer-friendly, flexible solutions that also supports Besikta’s internal efficiency”, says Anders Chrintz, industry manager at CGI Sweden.

An easy-to-use, functionality-rich system

LS Retail software solution is now used across the company to take care of the checkout procedure after each inspection. All POS terminals are online. Since implementing the new system, Besikta has had many benefits.

  • The POS is fast and easy to use.
  • With the online POS it is easy to set up new terminals.
  • Besikta can now access real-time sales statistics, and take timely business decisions based on them.

LS Retail software solution is very feature-rich. Although Besikta is not taking advantage of all the system’s possibilities at the moment, as their business scope grows they will be able to use even more of the system’s tools. Besikta's utmost investment is in creating the best customer experience. The new system can support this ambition, helping the company increase efficiency and meet high customer expectations with digital communication and mobility.

LS Retail implementation partner

CGI Sverige AB

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