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Al Manama Group

Today, Al Manama Hypermarkets symbolize quality retailing to UAE customers and, thanks to their innovative concept, have been an instant hit in the region. Guided by their corporate motto 'Excellence in Service', Al Manama Group has entered new markets and touched the lives of more and more customers. The brand has a promising future ahead and is confident about its future achievements.

Business case

In the retail industry, having the right system in place is a pre-requisite for success. Because of the lack of such a system, Al Manama was facing major challenges when it came to handling its supply chain processes. Furthermore, the management felt the need for a strong reporting system, as it would enable quick decision-making. As Al Manama’s operations grew in size, the company increasingly felt the need to have automated replenishment processes in place. The company started looking for a Point of Sale solution that was seamlessly integrated with the back office system.

The solution

During their search for a suitable solution, Al Manama discovered that the LS Retail software perfectly aligned with their requirements. This comprehensive retail system catered to every aspect of their hypermarket operations, from customer-facing Point of Sale solutions to inventory management, supply chain management, accounting, and finance.

EBT Middle East LLC implemented the LS Retail software for the Al Manama group. Through open lines of communication and a highly cooperative attitude, their respective teams were able to achieve all targeted milestones within the specified timeframe. Following the successful launch of the pilot store, the remaining stores were effortlessly rolled out in quick succession. Neeraj Singh, the Project Manager, expressed his delight in working with the experienced retail industry professionals at Al Manama, who clearly articulated their requirements, facilitating harmonious collaboration with all team members at EBT.


Since implementing LS Retail software solution, Al Manama has been able to expand very quickly both by adding more assortments to its offering as well as by entering new geographies. The automation of the whole replenishment process has led to huge productivity gains. It is so easy to configure offers in LS Retail software solution that today Al Manama is able to offer its customers a better, more satisfying buying experience.

Al Manama

We evaluated multiple solutions in the market but none of them matched the versatility, rich functionality, robust industry knowledge and continuous improvements offered by LS Retail. The LS Retail software solution is a perfect solution for the retail industry - I do not think any other solution compares from an end-to-end solution perspective.

Shyju Majeed, IT Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

EBT Middle East LLC

EBT Middle East is a Dubai based partner with offices in India, UAE and Jamaica with more than 100+ customers worldwide. As a partner they focus on Retail, Hospitality, Duty Free, C Store and Trading verticals.

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