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Unified commerce cloud software to run your retail store(s) better

LS Central the unified commerce software solution for retail

Say goodbye to unclear data, uncontrolled costs, and no real overview of the customer journey

Still using many software solutions to manage the various processes in your retail enterprise?

It’s time to upgrade to LS Central

LS Central is a complete all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s #1 ERP solution globally.

LS Central brings together in one single platform financials (the Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale (POS), store operations, supply chain management, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

This means you can use just one software – we call it a unified commerce software – that does everything you need, instead of many separate ones that only do a part of the job.

LS Central is ideal for:

Retail chains with more than 50 employees

Mixed businesses with elements of retail, hospitality and food service

Retailers looking for strong retail software functionality

Stores that want to expand rapidly


Support every job role in the organization

LS Central empowers all your employees by giving them access to the information and functionality they need to perform their job. You can set which information each employee can see based on their user role and permission level.

CFO and

Build your strategy on insights and reports that are reliable, timely, and comprehensive. Reduce waste and overhead, and grow your business to its utmost potential.

  • Be in control of the business
  • Access timely and reliable sales data
  • Have visibility of the value chain
  • Add new stores quickly and scale up
  • Make data-based strategic decisions
  • Implement new technology
  • Spot trends and grab opportunities

The POS, eCommerce and inventory are all within the same system, so your costs and revenues from all channels are always in sync. Access all the information you need, anytime: filter, view and analyze your data, and run any report you want.

  • Work with real-time and reliable financial and sales data
  • Have total visibility of transactions from POS to accounting
  • Control posting of sales transactions
  • Track performance per store, employee, item or item group
  • Accurately calculate profits and losses
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Reduce time spent on financial reconciliation

With reliable sales figures, advanced analytics and AI-powered demand planning, it’s easier than ever to get the correct balance of stock. Satisfy customer expectations and reach your financial goals.

  • Have total visibility of stock across the supply chain
  • Manage product lifecycles
  • Forecast inventory for multiple stores and channels
  • Handle allocation planning and manage stock distribution
  • Plan assortment for franchises
  • Understand your best-selling items and slow movers
  • Spot trends and predict demand

Track and manage information on stock levels, sales, employee performance and budgeting on the same software platform.

  • Track sales, store, and employee performance on a personalized dashboard
  • Identify peak times and schedule shifts efficiently
  • Transfer, receive, request and track merchandise
  • Reconcile and optimize in-store inventory
  • Oversee operations and permissions at the POS
  • Manage end-of-day reports
  • Order straight from the POS based on inventory alerts and reports
  • Move employees across tasks and departments, as they all use the same system with the same interface

Empower your customer-facing staff to assist customers in a knowledgeable and personal way.

  • Cut queues and serve customers anywhere with a mobile POS
  • Find past sales across all store location and manage returns
  • Engage shoppers and help them find items they’ll love using conversational selling tools
  • Perform inventory processes, including receiving and picking, on mobile device
  • Let the AI help you recommend the right items to customers
  • Handle click & collect orders
  • Check stock availability in any of your chain’s stores and order products

All you need to run a successful retail business

With unified commerce software LS Central you can manage all your business operations and processes within one environment, and have all your data within one database. In other words:

  • i-check-mark-symbol-tick-smallStop wasting hours looking for information across different databases.
  • i-check-mark-symbol-tick-smallStop doing the same work many times on different software.
  • i-check-mark-symbol-tick-smallHave data in one place, and see how your business is doing at a glance.
  • i-check-mark-symbol-tick-smallUnderstand what to do to cut costs, grow revenue and increase loyalty.

You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right business management software for your retail stores, whether big or small, can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

Learn more about unified commerce, the software solution that can solve all your issues of visibility, data consistency and personalization.

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