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Inventory management

Effective inventory management requires more than tracking how much stock you have and where it is.

LS One includes powerful functionality to help you reduce the risk costly out-of-stock and overstock situations. Whatever inventory task you need to perform – transferring items between stores, replenishment, stock-taking – you can do it in the back office, on traditional POS or on mobile devices.

Create and manage items

With LS One you can sell both retail items and service items (activities that are paid per hour, like a painting class, a manicure, or a beauty makeover). You can add an unlimited number of variants to each item – for example, you can specify details such as color, size and style.

i- LS ONE Create an item Green
1. Create an item

Import a single item or a list of items from an Excel sheet, or create a new item manually within the system.

i- LS ONE Hiearchy copy Green
2. Add it to a hierarchy

LS One uses a hierarchy structure: items can belong to a group, a group can belong to a department and a department to a division. The hierarchy is useful when you wish to apply promotions only to selected groups of items, as well as when you replenish stock.

i- LS ONE Import an image Green
3. Import an image

Add one or more images for each retail item. Images will be displayed at the POS, making it more immediate to use for staff. They can also be used to speed up item search.

i- LS ONE Set variants Green
4. Set variants

Each item can have dimensions such as color, width and length. You can also include attributes for each dimension: for example, “color” may have as attributes blue, yellow, and orange. Add all the extra information as you want: in LS One items can have a parent-child relationship, which makes data easier to maintain.

i- LS ONE Barcode green
5. Add unit quantity, barcode and serial number

Are your items sold in packs of six? Are they sold by weight? Set as many units of measure as you like for each item. These units can be used when you sell items, during inventory handling and in purchasing. You can also add serial numbers and barcodes to each retail item.

i- LS ONE Create Group Green
6. Create a Special Group

Special Groups are used to bring together items that belong to different categories or hierarchies. Get creative: group all your pink items for a special Pink Day sale, or group a selection of veggies, hamburger buns and sauces for a “buy 5, pay 4” Summer BBQ offer.



Do stocktaking and stock counting

Effective inventory management doesn’t have to be complex.
With LS One, you can manage your key inventory tasks as you prefer, easily. Let the system do the heavy lifting.

FT LS One-inventory management-item management-mepos-tablet-site manager

Reduce errors and waste with efficient stock receiving and counting

With the LS One templates, it’s easier and quicker to perform fundamental inventory tasks such as purchasing, goods receiving and stock counting. Manage your stock in the back office or on the inventory app – whatever works best for you.

LS Retail Mobile Inventory icon  LS One Site Manager icon


Automate replenishment, save time.

Set minimum item levels for your fastest selling items: when the quantity is reached, the system will automatically reorder the item. You can also configure automatic replenishment settings for all or some of your vendors. For example, you can set the system so that every Monday it checks all your items against their replenishment levels, and creates unique vendor Purchase Orders. Sit down and relax: the system automatically calculates the quantities to order, no manual intervention required.


FT LS One for retail-inventory management-Keep your stock under tight control-tablet-surface pro

Keep your stock under tight control

In the back office, you can easily track how many items are on hand, ordered, reserved, or parked in each store. In the item ledger you can also see all events related to each item: has an item been purchased, transferred or sold? If it’s on hand, in which store or warehouse is it? All this information, and more, is always at your fingertips.

Transfer items between stores

Is one of your customers looking for a blue leather bag that is only available in another store location? Do you have too many bottles of aftershave in a specific store, and too few in another one? With LS One you can request, send and receive transfers of items between stores. All these processes can be done in the back office, at the POS and on the mobile inventory app.

LS One POS icon  LS Retail Mobile POS icon  LS Retail Mobile Inventory icon  LS One Site Manager icon

Just look how easy it is to request a transfer:

1. Check for items

A customer is looking for a red espresso machine. There’s none left in my store, so I log into LS One and look up available stock in all the other stores in the chain. Bingo – the store in Brightview has a few left.

2. Request

From the LS One POS (but I could also do it from the back office or from the mobile inventory app), I send a request to the Brightview store for two red espresso machines to be sent within 7 days. I also add some coffee capsules, since they seem to have many.

3. Get approval

The Brightview store approves the request. At the LS One POS and in the back office, I see they have sent the items. I can also monitor the transfer process, see what’s in transit, when it was sent, and double check that quantity and ID numbers are correct.

4. Receive and deliver to the customer

The items have arrived. I receive them using the mobile inventory app. Now the coffee machines and capsules have been added to my local stock, and my customer has been notified that a brand new red coffee maker is waiting for him.

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