LS One main features

Customer catalog

Easily lookup and manage your customers both from the terminal and the back-office.

Customer ledger and credit limits

Give your customers a credit limit and allow them to purchase to their account. Then you can easily view their transactions in the customer ledger. 

Vendor management

Keep a list of your vendors and list all items you purchase from them.

Based on familiar Microsoft technology

All applications run on Windows OS and use Microsoft SQL databases.  Increased ease of use with familiar system navigation.

Centralized HQ database

All data is kept centrally at the head quarters. Stores and terminal receive new items and prices from this one and sent all transactions back up to the head quarters.

Cloud hosting and on-prem hosting models

With LS One you can host your data in the cloud or keep it in-house all depending on your needs. 

Data pack management for fast deployments

Set up a data template that will suit multiple retailers in your region. With layouts, tax, printable forms and profiles you can be up and running with a new store in no time. 

Data replication with job scheduling

Automate your data replication to keep all your stores and terminals up to date with the latest items and prices.

LS Retail Update Services

Automatically update all POS and backoffice installations running preconfigured scripts. The updates can be pulled from LS Retail standard releases or partner hosted customized version.

On and Offline mode

With your POS in offline mode you can keep selling even in network downtime.

Organizational hierarchy

Run you daily operations either from your head-office or from the store.

Real-time communication, for example stock levels

At the store and terminal you have access to information directly from the head-office. For an example you can look up the real inventory levels for all locations and validate a gift card.

Store database

Add the store level to your company to be able to control some settings for your store specifically.


Control who does what both in the terminal and in the back-office.

Time and attendance

Add a connection to MyTimePlan for advanced workforce management.


Manage your staff, login information, permissions and discount limits.

Hot tabbing

The ability to quickly switch cashiers between tabs for a bar or table scenarios.

Item modifiers

Item modifiers can i.e. be used to add toppings to a pizza.

Meals with linked items

Combine multiple items into a meal so when you sell the meal all the items in it will be added to the transaction.

Menu types

Identify the ordered items as starters, mains and deserts to control when the order is printed.

Print orders at dedicated pre configured prep station(s)

The drinks can be printed at the bar while the hamburger and fries are printed at the grilling station in the kitchen.

Split bill

The guests can split the bill between them and pay for specific items only.

Split order into drinks, starters, mains and dessert

With this classification you can control when the starters, mains, desserts and so on are printed in the kitchen to start the preparation.

Table overview, for example Available, Seated and Ordered

See if the table is taken from the table overview in the terminal.

Table transfer to seating sections

Move your guests with their order from the bar to the dining area.

Kitchen Display System

Digital display that replaces printed and handwritten ticket orders in commercial kitchens by connecting LS One POS. The KDS shows order status and allows staff to "bump" orders to changes status.

Recipe Management

Manage the complex relationships of ingredients (items) that make up a recipe through a BOM (Bill Of Materials) in order to track inventory.

Adjust stock levels

If an item breaks you can easily adjust the stock level.

Inter store stock transfer

Move stock from one store to another.

Inventory status

See the inventory status for any item at all locations both at the terminal and in the back-office.

Mobile inventory

Do your stock counting, store transfers and fill your purchase orders from an Android mobile app.

Purchase orders & goods receiving

Purchase stock from your vendors and then mark them as received when it arrives.

Purchase trade agreements

Set trade agreement sales prices as ordering prices from the vendor.

Stock alerts

Control when your stock levels are below your minimum inventory and need to be ordered.

Stock replenishment

Use replenishment settings with minimum and maximum inventory levels to define what to add to your purchase orders.

Stock requisition

Have you run out? Request additional stock from a neighboring store.

Stock-taking (Excel, CSV files or Mobile Inventory)

Register your stock count directly in an excel sheet, a handheld inventory device, directly in the back  office or use the inventory mobile app.

Stock valuation

See the value of stock automatically calculated through weighted average cost

Track lost/damaged inventory

If a customer returns a damaged item you can mark the goods as damaged and not return it to the on-hand inventory.

Barcodes to trigger gift cards, credit memos, promotions and more

Use gift cards and credit memos as payment by just scanning a barcode. Promotions and discounts can also be triggered by barcode scanning.

Barcodes with information masking

Item barcodes can include price or quantity information.

Drag and drop receipt designer

Design beautiful receipts with the graphical layout editor. 

Label design and printing

Create price and address labels and print them out from the back-office system.

Credit memo

Create a credit memo when a customer returns an item. The credit memo can be used as a payment in any of your stores.

Gift cards

Issue and pay with gift cards at any terminal in any store. Gift cards can be printed or you can use plastic cards that can be re-fillable.

Loyalty cards with loyalty schemes

Give your customer a loyalty card to increase the customer retention rate.

Loyalty point earn and redemption

Let your customers earn point for what they purchase. You can control how many points they earn for each item.  Later the points can be used as a payment or to get a discount.

Category hierarchy (Groups, Departments & Divisions)

Organize your items into retail groups, groups into departments and departments in divisions. Then you can use this hierarchy for reporting or offer creation.

Import/Export to excel

Import or export your item data to an Excel sheet

Infocodes at the POS

The POS can prompt the cashier to ask the customer questions, or suggest additional sales.  For an example to ask for flight number in a duty free store or ask for ID when selling alcohol.

Item images

Add images to your items that can be displayed in the POS and item search.

Kit items

Combine mulitple items into a kit so when you sell the gift basket all the items in it will be added to the transaction.

Matrix view of items in POS

Get a matrix overview of your variant items stock levels.

Serial number support

Import all serial numbers and select the serial number when you sell the item.

Special groups

Group any items together and create a promotion or discount for all the items in the group.

Units of measure and conversions

Sell your sodas either in a six pack or as single bottles. 

Upsell/Alternate items

The POS can remind the cashier to offer the customer to buy a pack of batteries with the toy they are buying.

Variant items

Add multiple dimensions to your item and for an example you can sell it it different colors, sizes, widths, lengths etc.

Customer or store-specific trade agreements

Control your prices depending on the store or the customer. So different stores and customer can have different prices for the same item.

Mix and Match offers

Create offers like a Sandwich and soda for a specific price, 2 for 1 or get a free gift when purchasing certain items.

Multibuy offers

Create offers with raising discount levels depending on the quantity of the item sold. For an example if you buy 5 pieces you get 5% discount but if you buy 10 you get 10%.

Periodic discounts

Create automatically calculated discounts and control where and when it is active.

Promotion offers

Happy hour prices between 5 and 7 on Fridays? Create  promotion for selected items and control in detail where and when it is active.

Accounts export

Lookup your G/L Accounts when doing LS One Configurations

SAP Business One
Accounts receivables

Select which G/L accounts your incoming and outgoing payments are posted to.

SAP Business One
Card payments

Multiple payment service providers available for card payments through LS Pay

Cash management - safe & bank drop, float entry, declaration, tender declare & removal

Manage the flow of tenders in and out of your cash drawer.

Collect advance payments or deposits

Take an order from your customer and accept a deposit for the order.

Food stamps - EBT/WIC

LS One supports limiting payment types to specific items for food stamps, EBT or WIC payments.

Layaways or partial payments

When a customer order has been placed you can accept multiple partial payments into the order.

Multi tax code support

LS One supports multiple tax codes for an example you can setup VAT or American sales tax with federal, state and local tax codes.

Multiple payments, for example partial credit card and partial cash

Allow your customer to pay for their goods with their gift card, some cash they had in the wallet and the rest with a credit card.

Pay invoices

Customers can invoice their purchases to their account.

Payment limitations

A payment type can be limited to specific items. For an example with food stamps you cannot buy tobacco or alcohol.

Payment on account

A customer can do a payment into their account that either settles the oldest open invoice or a selection of open invoices from the point of sale. 

Payment types & EFT mapping

Allow your customer to pay with credit and debit cards.

POS statements

Report the tender status of your drawer at the end of the day.

Recurring billing

Send out invoices to your customers on a regular interval.

Support for multiple currencies

Allow your customers to pay in for an example Euros, Dollars and British pounds all in the same transaction.

Supported global payment providers

Adyen, Global Payments, Moneris, Nets Baxi, Network International, Optomany, PayEx, Verifone UK, WorldPay

X & Z report, End of shift

Print tender reports for each terminal with the press of a button.

Add new customers on the POS

Create new customers on the POS and the customer will be available at all  your sites shortly after.

Auditing/void transaction

All POS operations can be audited so you can have an overview of who did what at your terminals.

Auto-lock when POS idle

The terminal can log out automatically if the cashier has left the terminal unattended even with an unfinished transaction.

Check inventory, customers orders and edit transactions

In the LS One POS you can check the real time inventory status of an item at all your sites.

Customer Quote and Order

Create customer quotes from the POS and later turn them into customer orders.

E-mailed receipts

Offer your customers to get the receipt as e-mail and save the printer paper.

Gift receipt

Select which items you're giving as a gift and get a gift receipt printed that can be used to return items

Layout support for items and groups

Add your items to item sale buttons to easily sell  your most sold items. You can also filter the item search list to a group of items and for an example display all vegetables in the list.

Manage gift and loyalty cards from the POS

Issue gift cards at the POS and use as payment in any of your stores right away. You can also give your customers loyalty cards and let them start collecting points right away.

Mobile POS

Connect the LS Omni Mobile POS to LS One and do your sales from a mobile device.

Return items to any store

With the receipt you can return items from your transaction at any of your sites.

Suspend, recall and tender

Did a customer forget his/her wallet in the car? No worries, suspend the transaction and let him go and get it while you serve the next customer.

Scale certified

The LS One POS is certified for the European Standard on metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments.

Token swipe card fast login

User can log in fast by scanning a barcode, swiping a card or Dallas key.

PowerBI Reporting

LS One now offers a beautiful free Power BI template. View all your sales and revenue information in one place.

SSRS Reporting

You can create and import any report you need or adjust our reports to your liking with Microsoft Report Builder.

Centralized customization of POS layout

Control the look and feel of your POS from the Headquarters.

Create POS and back office customizations

You can create your own add-ons to the standard LS One functionality both in the back office and in the POS.

English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish & Icelandic

LS One is translated to multiple languages and new languages can be added easily.

Hardware, Visual and Functional profile management

Easily manage your terminal settings in profiles rather than edit each and every terminal.

Gas station interface with pump control

Use LS One at your gas station by connecting LS One with the LS Forecourt Manager.

ERP Integration framework

LS One can be connected to any ERP and we have cut down your integration time with the LS One Integration Framework.

RMS to LS One migration wizard

Are you running RMS? LS One can import your data and have you up and running fast and simple.

SAP Business One integration

Maintain your items, prices and customers in SAP Business One as usual and do your sales from LS One. LS One will then return all transactions up to SAP Business One to keep your inventory and financials up to date.

Assignment of batch numbers

Automatic assignment of batch no. when posting invoices with batch items.

Create customers in SAP B1 from LS One POS

Create new customers on the POS and the customer will be created in SAP Business One at the same time.

Customer account deposit settle invoices

Invoices in SAP or standard LS One can now be paid by selecting a specific invoice or depositing into the oldest open invoice. The process is done through the LS One POS which allows you to pull up the invoice you want to pay and paying it with any tender type such as cash or card.

Customer account invoices

Sales transactions can be finalized with a customer account payment which creates an open invoice on the SAP Business One side that remains to be paid for.

Inventory lookup from POS to SAP Business One

When checking the inventory status for an item in the LS One POS you will see the real time stock levels for all your sites directly from SAP Business One.

Payment integration for Cash, Forex, Giftcard, Credit cards and Cheques

Accept multiple payments for the transactions in the POS and they will be posted back to SAP Business One.

POS Store transfer

Request, Send and Receive items from different SAP warehouses in LS One POS

Statement counting differences

Registers counting differences on statements to a specified account in SAP Business One.

Synchronize Item Master including prices with SAP Business One

Maintain your item master SAP Business One. Item and  changes and new items will flow down to LS One on a schedule.

Synchronize Taxes with SAP Business One

Setup and maintain all tax settings in SAP Business One. Tax groups and codes will be created in LS One to match the SAP Business One Tax setup.

Synchronize trade agreements with SAP Business One

Manage your item prices in the SAP Business One price lists. All price lists are created as trade agreements in LS One.

Synchronize Bar codes with SAP Business One

Item barcodes can be setup and maintained in SAP Business One and you can sell your items by barcode in the LS One POS.

Synchronize Retail groups with SAP Business One

All SAP Business One item groups are synchronized to LS One as retail groups. In LS One the retail groups can for an example be used to create discount for all the items in a group.

Synchronize Business Partners (Customers) with SAP Business One

All your SAP Business One Business partners marked as customers will be synchronized to LS One and they will receive the correct tax and price depending on their settings.

Synchronize POS transaction with SAP Business One

All you sales transactions created in the LS One POS will be synchronized up to SAP Business One and invoices created.


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