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ERP integration and SAP Business One

Need to add the power of an ERP? LS One can be easily integrated to any ERP via its intelligent Integration Framework. This makes LS One an ideal POS solution for companies that want the option of adding an ERP or accounting system in the future. It’s also a smart choice for enterprises that already have an ERP, and need a POS with advanced retail and sales functionality, and which can be integrated easily and pain-free.


All your information where you need it

The Integration Framework is a service that connects directly to the ERP entry point and to the LS One data layer. Thanks to the Framework you can connect LS One to your ERP rapidly, without having to invest in building integrations. The Framework also ensures that all your data is shared throughout your deployed network securely and accurately at all times.

 Data that can be shared between POS and ERP system includes:

  • Item master
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Item departments
  • Item groups
  • Item divisions
  • Transactions
  • End-of-day procedures
  • Cash management

Say goodbye to duplicate information

The Integration Framework ensures that all your key data is replicated rapidly between ERP and POS, so that you are always working with correct, up-to-date information. It also makes sure that data is only present in one place, removing the headache of duplicate information. Your system architects can decide whether the information that is stored centrally (such as inventory, customer and vendor accounts, gift cards, and so on) should be retrieved from LS One or from the connected ERP solution.

For example, if you decide to manage all your items, prices and contacts in your ERP, the system ensures that the information flows to the LS One POS, and back to the ERP at the end of each transaction.

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LS One and SAP Business One

Two leading business software solution, seamlessly connected

Thousands of businesses use SAP Business One as their ERP. To manage their sales effectively, handle customer loyalty and offer discounts and promotions, retailers using SAP Business One have had to take care of integrating it to a separate Point of Sale solution. These ERP-POS integrations can be costly and time-consuming, and often require IT experts with specialized knowledge.
Not anymore.
LS One includes an out-of-the-box integration with SAP Business One, both SQL and HANA. The strategic partnership between LS One and SAP means we have done all the lengthy, boring work for you. You don’t even need a technician to help you. Just follow the steps of the integration setup, and you are ready to go in minutes. Not days – minutes.
No extra costs, no time wasted on integrations. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Two leading solutions combined into one

Combine the powerful retail functionality of LS One with the best-of-breed back-office capability of SAP Business One.
One you have connected the two systems using the ready-made integration, all your information flows seamlessly from SAP Business One to LS One and back. Look up information on transactions, prices, business agreements at the Point of Sale, in the back office, and at HQ: it’s always correct and up to date.

How the connection works

SAP Business One maintains the item master data, customer records and prices, while LS One handles loyalty, promotions, sales and end of day procedures. All information is then shared across the two systems. Discover how it works in this video.


You have questions, we have answers

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