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Customer engagement & brand loyalty

Create brand loyalty and drive repeat business by personalizing your offer and rewarding faithful customers.
With LS One it is simple and fast to manage customer accounts and loyalty programs. Create new customer accounts in just a few clicks, even at the POS terminal. Encourage customers to return by offering them personalized offers. Manage loyalty schemes with different levels of rewards for your best clients, and offer the option to collect loyalty points that can then be spent in-store.

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Customer accounts

Create customer accounts easy and fast, and engage your clientele with tailored reward programs. New customer profiles can be created rapidly at the POS while the customer waits. Manage the profiles as single customers or collect them into customer groups, and assign them special discounts, offers and prices.

Loyalty program

Create different loyalty schemes and reward your best customers with loyalty points. LS One makes it fast and easy to set up different degrees of loyalty. For example, you can create club cards on different levels, such as Gold, Silver or Bronze, and assign your customers different amount of points depending on their level in the loyalty program. Offer the possibility to use loyalty points as payment or to get discounts.

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