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Customer engagement & brand loyalty

Increase repeat visits to your business with a digital loyalty program. Set it up the way it works best for your business, and transform one-time visitors into repeat customers. You don’t need any additional software or hardware – it’s all part of your LS One system, at no extra cost.

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Set up your loyalty program the way you want it

Would you like to give customers multiple ways of earning and spending points in your stores?
With LS One you can configure as many loyalty schemes as you want, with the specifications you desire.

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Decide how customers can collect points

How many points should customers be awarded per purchase? Should some products give more points than others? Should shoppers get more points if they shop during off-peak hours? You decide. You can, for example, assign a fixed number of points per dollar – so one $ equals one point. Or you can divide your items into groups, and set the system so that items in different groups are worth a different amount of points. For example, customers may earn one point for every $ spent when buying items from group1, two points for every $ spent on items from group2 – and so on. Design your program as you want – and let LS One do the hard part.

Choose how points can be spent

How should points convert into value? You can offer rewards. Or you can allow customers to pay partially, or totally, for their purchases with loyalty points. In this case, you can set how much points are worth. You can also create special offers: perhaps, two points are usually worth one dollar, but during the “loyalty special” days, they are worth $1,5.


Offer bonus points

Would you like to give new customers a 100-point starting bonus to register into your loyalty program, for a limited time? What about attaching 30 bonus points to specific items, to drive sales? You can. LS One supports all your marketing initiatives – and with just a few clicks.

Set different levels

Create different tiers in your loyalty program, with increasingly better perks, and entice your customers to return more often and level up. The levels can be as different as you wish: your Gold club members may earn more points per purchase than Silver club members. Specific items may be also be cheaper to buy with points for members in the higher tiers. With LS One, you have infinite options to ensure that your loyalty members always feel valued and satisfied.


LS One POS and mobile

Log into the loyalty program at the POS

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All of your staff members can access the loyalty program information fast and easily, straight at the POS. When a new customer arrives at the register, he or she can:

  • Join the loyalty program.
  • Collect points with each valid purchase.
  • Find out their point status. At the POS, employees can check how many loyalty points the customer has collected.
  • Spend points to pay for their whole shopping, or to receive a discount on the total.

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