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Pricing and promotions

You need easy ways to set prices, change them, and create promotions that drive sales. LS One gives you all that. Set the parameters exactly the way you want them, and instantly activate the promotion in a specific store. No hassle, no time wasted.


Configure prices

Set item prices with any tax rate including compounding tax such as government, state and local taxes: the system then calculates the final price depending on setup. You can also set prices that are valid just for some items in specific circumstances, such as:

  • Only for a given currency
  • During a fixed period of time (for ex., the last hour before closing, or on Tuesdays)
  • Only for a certain sales unit
  • For a specific variant (for ex., the metal grey blender may cost more than the plain white)
  • For a fixed quantity (for ex., a box of 12 cans may cost less than 12 cans bought singularly)
  • For a specific store or stores
  • For a customer, or a customer group

You can combine any of the above to create special prices that are only valid under special parameters. Why not have a special offer on green food items on Monday evenings? With LS One, you can go as wild as you wish.

Create promotions and discounts

FT-LS-One-for-retail-set pricing & promotions-Create promotions and discountsSet up promotions and discounts that drive sales. Define what items should be part of the offer and when the discount should be active. The offer price can be triggered manually, or automatically  when all the conditions are met – no need for your cashiers to take any action.

Which promotions and discounts better support your sales strategy? With LS One, you can play around with

  • Promotions: set a promotional price that is valid only for a specific period, such as certain days or times of day, for given items or price groups, or even for specific item variants.
  • Multibuy offers: when a certain quantity of the item is sold, the customer gets a discount. The options are endless: “2x1” offers, “buy five, pay four”, “two items at 20%, three items with a 30% off” offers… design the mix that works best for your sales strategy.
  • Mix and match offers: combinations of items trigger a discount. This is a great way to move stock, and the large variety of options in LS One means you can set up offers that support your sales goal. For example, you could have 20% off a swimsuit when it’s bought with either a skirt or a towel; you could set a fixed price when any woolen hat is bought alongside a scarf; you give a free pen to those who purchase a sketchbook.

Test different combinations and find the ideal marketing mix. With LS One, you can set up an unlimited number of promotions, discounts, multibuy offers and mix and match offers.

And if a specific customer deserves a lower price, you can give manual discounts at the POS during the transaction.

Welcher Wein

Welcher Wein chose LS One retail POS

LS One was a great fit for the store since it is fast to implement but also easy to use, which meant very short training times for the staff.

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