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Back-office management - Easy overview of store operations

LS One comes with powerful back office tools for management. Run all your operations fast and effortlessly from your central office.

Oversee operations, stores, and POS in the LS One environment, and eliminate errors and uncertainties. Use the system’s reporting features to analyze your business’s status and trends, and refine your business strategy basing on these insights. Customize the software solution’s look and feel to fit it perfectly to your demands and needs.

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Gain valuable insights into your business, and use them to plan your company’s bright future. LS One’s powerful reporting functionality will help you interpret and understand all of your business’s key facts and figures. LS One includes a host of reports, so that you can monitor best-selling items, customer transactions, sales per hour/staff member/customer – and more. Easily add customized reports to the system; a variety of reports are also available for download online.

Store management

The LS One back office system contains all the features that you need in order to run your business effortlessly. Configure your whole operation – all of your stores, POS terminals, customer accounts and product data – easily and fast from central office. Oversee your entire business centrally, and make sure that all of your operations are always running smoothly.
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POS management

Manage the look and feel of your POS so that it fits your business’s needs. The POS layout is completely customizable: each button, operation and component of the layout can be moved, to make it easier and more convenient for you to use. Our powerful tools also allow you to redesign receipts layouts so that, if you wish, each one of your stores can issue customized receipts.

Inventory lookup

Empower your staff and provide your customers with accurate and updated product information with the inventory lookup function. You will now be able to answer customer questions like “Do you have these shoes in my size?” instantly at the LS One POS. Look up the inventory status of any item, at any of your locations, anytime.
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