Easy Point of Sale,
orders and payments

All the functionalities your restaurant needs in one simple POS software

Front of house management system

Increase table turnover, optimize staff efficiency, and decrease wait times with the right POS software

Your front of house staff need technology that helps them connect with customers, save time on daily tasks and communicate with the kitchen.

LS One is a restaurant POS with all the functionality you desire – from ringing up discounts, to split bills to refunds – and beyond.

Servers can keep on top of dish prepping in the kitchen. They can transfer tables. They can time courses, so they are perfectly paced.

All packaged within a user-friendly interface, so your staff can get the grips of the software in a couple of hours, tops. That’s a lot of training time saved right there.

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Connect kitchen and front of house

Keep your whole restaurant in sync. The LS One Point of Sale (POS) is connected to the kitchen printers and display system (KDS). Your front of house staff can use the POS to send orders to the kitchen, and to keep track of order preparation.

  • Any extras or changes? Any allergies or intolerances? No problem. All modifiers and special requests are added to the digital order, neatly and clearly.
  • Do your guests want to get starters and mains at the same time? That’s quickly marked on the order, so kitchen staff known when to prepare and deliver each dish.
  • With a tap, the server sends the order to the kitchen, with all requests clearly visible.
  • The POS-kitchen communication channel works both ways. At any time, your server can check on their POS the status of each dish in the kitchen. 
  • The order is ready – your server can see it on the POS, so the dishes are delivered piping hot.

Add self-ordering tablets and kiosks

Do you want to add tablets on your café or restaurant tables, so your guests can place the order at their convenience? Are you thinking about adding self-ordering kiosks in your noodle bar or barbecue grill?

With LS One, you can. LS One supports all your ambitions, and your guests’ desire to take the ordering processes in their own hands. Reduce contact and ordering times, and offer the options your guests are looking for.


Follow your guests

With LS One, you can follow each of your guests’ orders. Easily transfer orders from a table to a different table, seat or floorplan – for example, from the bar to a table on the main floor. Add and remove dishes or drinks, and easily tally everything up when it’s time to bring the check.


Speed up ordering with meals

Meals are combos of different dishes which are sold for a fixed price – for example a bagel, omelet and coffee drink, or a curry with a drink and a side of rice or naan. With LS One you can set up all the combos you want, with the possibility for customers to modify them to their taste. Meals are a smart option for both you and your guests:

  • You can push your most profitable items by adding them to meals
  • You can take orders faster
  • Customers can get a better deal than by ordering the dishes separately

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Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Discover the key functionalities of the ideal restaurant POS system, and make sure you select a software that is up to the task.

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Roadhouse quick service restaurant chose LS One

With LS One on its side, Roadhouse has grown into the business it wanted to be, improving its bottom line by cutting costs and increasing sales. Everything is just easier, simpler and faster with LS One!

—  Sigurdur Karl Gudgeirsson, owner at Roadhouse

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