LS Nav: Point of Sale and ERP system

LS Nav is the popular all-in-one software solution for retail and hospitality management developed by LS Retail and built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The latter has been evolving and going through some upgrading so we decided to do the same and that's why LS Nav is now known as LS Central.

With LS Nav/LS Central, retailers and restaurateurs get a unified commerce platform that covers all their needs, and helps them manage their enterprise from front of house, to back office, to product replenishment to financials.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: what is the difference and how does it affect LS Nav and LS Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, one of the most installed mid-market ERP systems in the world. In 2018, Microsoft decided to evolve its offering. Dynamics NAV 2018 is the final version of the ERP system released under the NAV brand.
LS Nav also got a new name. In 2019 the retail management system, which is now built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, assumed the new name of LS Central.
LS Central carries forward all of the benefits of LS Nav, maintaining all its standard features while adding even more in-depth industry functionality. LS Central allows for in-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid implementations.

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What happens if I still have LS Nav?

LS Retail and Microsoft will continue to offer support for the existing versions of NAV and LS Nav, with a distinction:

  • LS Nav 2018 will constantly be updated with new functionality until the end of 2019. Support will be available until the end of 2022. If you are using LS Nav, you can decide to transition to LS Central at any time.
  • Microsoft, on the other hand, will not release any upgrade for the old Dynamics NAV platform. To take advantage of the latest features of the system you will need to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Should I upgrade to LS Central?

All versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central are currently available, so you can make the transition whenever it makes sense for your business.
LS Central has the same code base, functionality, and business environment as LS Nav 2018. If you are familiar with LS Nav, you will find yourself at home with LS Central. This is, essentially, a later version of LS Nav, so making the switch will be just as easy as a standard LS Nav upgrade.

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