Choosing food service management software is a complex task that requires a significant investment of time and business capital to complete. On average, it costs a typical mid-market food service organization $100,000 - $500,000 to implement, maintain and upgrade a core business software solution over a five-year term.

It is no small undertaking.

With such a major purchase decision, you would expect to see a business dedicate 7-food_coverappropriate time and resources to the process to ensure they make the best decision. However, businesses often treat a software purchase like they do the purchase of office equipment, leaving far too many variables unexplored.

There are 7 common mistakes people make when looking to buy a new food service management solution, which we outline in our whitepaper – 7 Food Service Management Software Selection Mistakes That Spell Failure. 

Don’t let these mistakes lead you toward the wrong purchase decision. Download our whitepaper today, and let LS Retail guide you through the process of selecting the right software solution for your food service management needs.

Success is just a click away!

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