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What is going on in your business? What actions should you take to decrease costs, increase revenue, and optimize resources?
LS One’s powerful reporting functionality can help you answer these questions, and more.
Interpret and understand all your business’s key facts and figures, and take
data-based decisions that make business sense.

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Manage end of day procedures

When it’s time to count down your drawers and reconcile your sales for the day, it’s important to have clear day-end and end-of-shift procedures. In LS One, end-of-day is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Enter the start amount at the beginning of the day.
  2. When needed, print an X report for an overview of all financial transactions, or finalize your transaction period with a Z report.
  3. Produce a tender declaration to ensure that cash and other tender types tally up.

You can also create and post statements, manage financial reports for specific stores and terminals, and view sales reports per store, item, terminal or employee.


Get insights on your sales, financials, and inventory

LS One includes a rich set of standard reports to help you get clarity on what is going on in your business.

If you would like to see different patterns, you can download more reports, customize them, and even create your own.

LS One uses the Microsoft (SQL) Report builder, so it’s easy to build custom reports to visualize the data that matters to you.

CB LS One Power BI reporting analytics

Even more advanced reporting through Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms. LS One includes a pre-set integration so you can connect Power BI to your LS One easily, and for free.

What you get:

  • Advanced analytics and interactive visualizations powered by one of the leading BI platforms
  • A free, quick integration
  • Reports and dashboards that can be accessed wherever you are, on desktop, browser, or even via mobile application
  • Easily customized views: create your own interactive reports, with the data you want to see, and share them with stakeholders in your organization
  • Pre-made reports on sales, transactions, statements, customer account, liabilities, discounts and promotions, shifts, inventory, stocktaking, purchase orders, replenishment, transfer orders – and more

Prätorius chose LS One retail POS

Thanks to LS One, transactions in Prätorius’s store are smoother and faster. The possibility to pay with a larger variety of payment methods has also helped improve customer satisfaction.

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Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

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