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Restaurant management

Manage tables and orders fast and effectively with our restaurant management tools. As our system takes care of transferring the orders directly from POS to the chef, you can rest assured that there will be no miscommunications between server and kitchen, and that all your guests will be served exactly what they ordered. Speed up your service with the automatic printing of orders in the kitchen at the appropriate stations. Discover your most popular items and your busiest times, and capitalize on this knowledge to build a solid and successful operation.

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Table management

With LS One Hospitality you can efficiently store your customers’ food orders directly at the POS. The system is organized per table, and it automatically adds every item that each customer orders to the table where they are sitting. Items remain visible in the POS until they are all paid for, so you can be sure you will not run into losses due to guest and staff confusion or misunderstandings.

Fast service at the counter

LS One provides quick service operators with all the features they need to run an efficient enterprise. The system is ready to use right out of the box. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface means that you can cut your staff training times and costs. Offer even faster and better service at your café, bar or drive-thru restaurant as orders are sent automatically from the counter straight to the kitchen.
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Use LS One’s powerful reporting functionality to plan your business strategy. Our reports can help you analyze your activity and find out, for example, which are your most popular items, your busiest times of the day or your busiest weeks in the year. Learn whether your items’ popularity varies between times of day or between days of the week. Discover your strong and weak points and make your business a success.

Kitchen management

LS One’s kitchen management system streamlines your operations by putting the POS and the kitchen into direct communication. As soon as an order has been placed at the POS the system transmits it directly to the kitchen, where it is immediately printed. Different dishes can be printed at the appropriate stations; for instance, salads can be printed at the cold kitchen station, burgers at the grill, and drinks at the bar. This way you can prepare you food faster and give your customers superior levels of service.

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