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Marketing and customer loyalty

Segment your customers, drive returning business and attract new patrons with advantageous loyalty programs.
With LS One you can manage customer accounts and loyalty campaigns easily and fast. It just takes a few clicks to create a new customer account, and it can even be done at the Point of Sale. Loyalty programs can include personalized offers and a point collection to be spent in your outlets, to stimulate new and old customers to return. You can also set up different levels of fidelity to better reward your most loyal customers.

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Customer accounts

Customer accounts are easy and fast to create, and can be used to segment your clientele. Make new customer profiles directly at the POS. Sort the accounts into customers groups, and drive them back through your doors with personalized discounts, offers and prices. Strengthen your brand image, and give your customers more and more reasons to return.

Loyalty programs

Set up loyalty programs, with loyalty points to reward your customers’ fidelity. With LS One you can not only create loyalty schemes, but also organize them into different degrees of loyalty. Create Platinum, Gold and Silver club cards, and award them to your best customers. Give your patrons the possibility to reap rewards every time they dine at your establishments. With LS One you will also be able to accept loyalty points as a form of payment.

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