LS Academy training C-100


This training offers a general introduction to LS Central. Hands-on exercises give participants a chance to practice different processes and to familiarize themselves with the LS Central Demo Data company, which is part of the LS Central Demo package. At the end of the training, participants should be able to give a first demo of LS Central.

Training Success Prerequisites:

No specifics

Intended Audience:

Sales/pre-sales professionals, consultants, support, developers. All those who are new to the system and want to get an introduction to LS Central in general.

Number of Days:

2 consecutive days.


All participants must have a laptop with the newest version of Business Central, LS Central and LS Omni installed.

Optionally it is possible to download from LS Retail Portal a Demo LS Central Virtual Machine (VM) which is ideal to use on this training.

The VM can be downloaded here: https://portal.lsretail.com/Products/LS-Nav/Downloads

This VM has LS Central with LS Omni installed and ready to be used for testing, training and demos. Since the training will give a general overview of the Omni products, the participants should have a mobile device.

The agenda for the training is as follows:

Day 1:

  • LS Central, introduction
  • The demo data company with LS Central
  • Retail POS in general
  • Create new items and sell them
  • Discount offers creation and POS management
  • POS Sales data

Day 2:

  • Loyalty – Member Management
  • POS Look and feel, how to make changes
  • Discount offers and members
  • Loyalty app and mobile POS
  • Data for the apps
  • Hospitality POS and its benefits


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