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Keynote LS Retail: the road ahead

Keynotes by Magnus Norddahl, CEO and president, and Dadi Karason, CTO

Start: 10/06/2020
End: 10/06/2020

Date: June 10, 2020.

When we introduced our unified commerce solutions, we knew that unifying the channels and enabling personalization and insights would prove valuable to retail and hospitality businesses. We didn’t foresee unified commerce would become crucial to keeping a stores’ (virtual) doors open during a sudden crisis.

Retail technology requirements keep evolving, and so do our solutions. Listen to Magnus Norddahl, CEO and President at LS Retail, and Dadi Karason, CTO, as they explain what we have been working on and our vision and commitment for the months to come.

Key takeaways:  

  • Discover the LS Retail strategy to stay ahead of the curve and keep you competitive
  • Find out the improvements we have introduced in our solutions during the past year
  • See how we took and implemented our partners’ and customers’ feedback
  • Learn how we are making upgrade projects effortless
  • Discover our roadmap and vision


  • Current and prospective LS Retail customers
  • LS Retail partners 

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The keynotes will go live on on 10th June and promoted on our social media channels.