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Get started with Go Current [webinar]

Start: 25/06/2020
End: 25/06/2020
online (gotowebinar)

When: June 25, 2020

Go Current simplifies and speeds up the rollout of new stores, and lets you easily keep them up to date with your customizations.
Follow our experts in a step-by-step demonstration of how to get started with Go Current and LS Central, and understand how Go Current can simplify your work from system implementation through maintenance and upgrades.


  • Discover how to simplify deployments and upgrades of LS Central
  • Get the knowledge you need to start using Go Current


  • LS Retail partners
  • Consulting and technical professionals that work on LS Central implementations

Webinar host: Arnthor Magnusson, Developer

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Implementing a new management system doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Follow the tips of our experts, customers and partners, and learn the best practices for a successful and painless system implementation.

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