ZEB is a multi brand fashion retailer with over 50 stores all over Belgium and the proud winner of three awards as best retailer for women’s fashion in Belgium. Zeb is very customer-centric as it is shown by their conveniently located stores with ample parking, their well stocked e-shop and their professional service. Read here how LS Retail software solution helped ZEB achieve their goals.

Here what Tom Vermeylen, ZEB CFO, is saying about LS Retail:

As customer service is one of our key values, we needed a reliable system to support our people in-store and at ZEB HQ.

With the pace and complexity of our business increasing over the last years, our search for a steady platform resulted in a close partnership with The Concept Group and the implementation of LS Retail, which offers us a broad scale of functionalities from stock-inventory to accounting and even up to the creation of in-store promotions.

LS Retail allows us to dispatch the right material, at the right time, to the right shop, and in the exact amount as needed. And more important, the replenishment functionality makes sure that everything is stored and shipped automatically.

In 2010, we took the next big step with the implementation of an automatic sorting system in our distribution center to keep up with the high demand of goods. This allows us not only to work more efficiently but also to give an adequate response when merchandise is needed promptly due to the frequent marketing promotions.

The technological investments that we made and the implementation of LS Retail were an absolute necessity for us to live out an important part of the ZEB mission: work hard, enjoy life and do even better the next day!

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TCOG is a Microsoft GOLD partner. They guide you through the automation of various business processes: going from inventory management, warehouse management, purchase and sales, retail, to financial management, CRM and human resources management. With their industry know-how and no-nonsense approach, they can properly analyze the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.

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