McKesson is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, healthcare technology, community oncology and specialty care.

McKesson UK strives to be the UK's number one health care provider. They have a number of household names in the UK under their belt such as Lloyd's pharmacy, John Bell & Croyden, AAH and Lloyd's Pharmacy Clinic or Home Care, and that means that they can provide an end-to-end health care offering from manufacturing and wholesaling to actual dispensing and administration of medicines dispensing around 150 million prescription items across the UK each year.

McKesson UK chose LS Central for pharmacies as its unified software solution

Pharmacy in the UK is facing a number of challenges and McKesson recognized that in order to adapt and respond to those challenges they needed to change their software system. They started browsing the market for alternative solutions, the process took over 2 years and six different IT companies tendered to replace their existing system.

As Verity Kalas, product manager at McKesson stated “it was clear from the outset that LS Pharmacy would be the product that could meet the needs of our business going forward," and added "LS Pharmacy is a complete game changer in healthcare for the UK and it will help McKesson UK enabling us to deliver far better healthcare services to our customers."

McKesson wanted a software solution that allowed them to meet the changing behaviors of their customers. They wanted their products and services to be easily accessible online or via an application on smart devices. They realized that their customers don't necessarily want to walk into a pharmacy anymore, and with LS Pharmacy they could potentially leverage various applications out of the box, without complex integrations between multiple systems. “One of the things I particularly loved about LS Pharmacy is that we can have our patients book appointments for their administration of medicines in the pharmacy and also order their regular repeat medications and pick everything up at the same time” says Verity Kalas.

With the LS Pharmacy platform, McKesson will be able to provide their customers with a truly omni-channel patient experience, helping them being in control of their own health. For example, the customers will be able to:

  • access information about their healthcare through the loyalty pharmacy application
  • book appointments for services such as administration of IV medication and more
  • track and trace where their prescription is at any point and know exactly when they can pick it up or have it delivered at home
  • access other applications and record information to help clinicians support them in the treatment of their conditions. They can then share that information with their consultants or their GPS at the hospital.

Mobility and stock management

LS Pharmacy can be used on tablet devices, allowing McKasson to bring their pharmacists to the front of the store and provide consultation face to face directly there, improving the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, the LS Pharmacy stock management app can be used on a handheld device simplifying scanning, updating and reordering items and making sure to keep an accurate stock record.

With their previous system, McKesson had to maintain their master data in-house, making stock management quite a lengthy process and difficult to keep up-to-date. With LS Pharmacy they'll be able to still use the UK standardized dictionary of medicines and devices hierarchy in compliance with the NHS requirements, but they will also enjoy a full up-to-date stock record and an up-to-date product range. In this way, data and reporting on those items will be more accurate.

LS Pharmacy is a complete game changer in healthcare for the UK and it will help McKesson UK enabling us to deliver far better healthcare services to our customers

—   Verity Kalas, product manager at McKesson