Maison de Bonneterie

Maison de Bonneterie is a leading fashion department store targeting the upper segments of the fashion sector. The stores in Amsterdam, The Hague, Laren and other cities, consist of different departments for men, women and shoes. Maison de Bonneterie works with K3 Fashion, the fashion retail solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail.

A retailer with joie de vivre

In 1889 Maison de Bonneterie opened its doors. The department store, located at the Kalverstraat 183 in Amsterdam, was the initiative of the couple Joseph Cohen and Rosa Wittgenstein. At the time the company sold knitwear, which made the decision to choose for the name Maison de Bonneterie an easy one. The modest department store developed rapidly and the collections were soon extended with qualitative confection clothing and corresponding accessories. In 1913 the Bonneterie opened a second store located at the Buitenhof in The Hague. The stores in Amsterdam and The Hague are open seven days a week. Until this day, Maison de Bonneterie is a privately owned company.

Integrated solution

Previously, de Bonneterie worked with the (basic) Navision solution, in which the fashion application consisted for 90% out of custom-made work. Although this provided a solution for every business process, the different interfaces from all the subsystems began to cause problems. Luuk van Geijtenbeek, previously Manager Logistics and ICT at Maison de Bonneterie: “IT support is vital to Maison de Bonneterie, not only where continuity of primary business processes is concerned but also to have access to accurate management information at all times.” De Bonneterie required a fully integrated solution for logistics and finance. When the previous software provider was not able to guarantee the required level of support, the old platform (DOS) was no longer regarded as a solution for the future. To be able to further develop the organization in the future, de Bonneterie looked into a new system. It quickly became clear LS Nav, provided by K3, fulfilled all the requirements.

Ambitious project

Since the start of the project, the management of Maison de Bonneterie had been involved and worked side by side with the project team of K3. Specifically, the shared responsibility between Maison de Bonneterie and K3 Business Solutions was one of the key points that made the project such a success. The ambitious project started with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for financial administration. The front office and the back office (logistics, in CRM, links to data warehouse) were implemented simultaneously, creating a “Big Bang”. At the end of 2007, K3 started the actual implementation and shortly before spring sale in 2008, the system was up and running. It has been a challenging project for Maison de Bonneterie and K3. Interfaces had to be build and data from the old system had to be converted to ensure that historical information was stored and barcodes were recognized effortlessly in LS Nav POS system. In the phase two, all old custom-made applications and the POS settings were replaced, the front office currently runs in a stable environment. The annual costs have been reduced remarkably through these actions, de Bonneterie has been able to gain more from their system. The budget, a short run-through time and many wishes were strict preconditions for the Bonneterie. By being able to adjust rapidly and take action swiftly, the implementation was finalized satisfactorily.

Advantages of LS Nav

On a daily basis, the employees at de Bonneterie experience the flexibility with regards to configuration and management. This ensures that adjustments can be made quickly. Users also have the option to individually gain access to other parts of the system, like the warehouse, logistics, services and financial administration. An added benefit of LS Nav is the fact that stores, head office and back office all use the same system. Synchronization of the fashion POS and back office takes place every 10 minutes. This way the required information is available at the head office in real time and the corresponding financial and logistical processes are clear and efficient. When the connection in the subsidiary goes down, the cash desks still work. Another important aspect is that, besides extensive promotion possibilities in the back office, quick and simple promotion activities can be easily transferred to the POS systems. Based on the browser technology module, discount actions and inventory checks can be realized on the shop floor with minimal effort in real time. Through the use of LS Nav, Maison de Bonneterie is able to quickly meet the changing demands in the market and meet the needs of their customers.

All business processes have become clear and highly efficient; this enables us to continue to invest in the future.

Luuk van Geijtenbeek

By selecting LS Nav, Maison de Bonneterie is always equipped with the latest software version

Luuk van Geijtenbeek