Armani Exchange

Club 21 is a luxury retail company experienced in wholesale, distribution, brand guardianship and direct retail. They currently look after the AX Armani Exchange Brand in the UK and have worked with over 250 luxury partners globally. In this video, Clare Vella, Retail Director for Club 21, talks about the reasons and benefits that convinced Club 21 | Armani Exchange to choose LS Retail and K3 Retail.    

Why LS Retail?

"We had been using our old system for around 10 years, and realized it could not handle the increased pace and complexity of our business. It had become clunky, tired and slow, and we weren’t able to respond to customers’ needs. We needed a system that could give us speed, agility and a real-time overview across the business. We also required a broad scale of functionalities, from stock-inventory to accounting," says Clare Vella. During the search for a new IT platform, the combined solution of LS Retail and K3 Retail stood out above the competition due to:
  • the integration of financial, admin, warehouse management, buying and merchandising, CRM and POS in one single software environment.
  • Microsoft familiarity, which ensured that all levels of staff would feel comfortable with the new solution.
  • An acute comprehension of fashion retailing: through LS Retail and K3's business knowledge, the company's business needs were quickly understood, and processes efficiently carried out.

Benefits after the implementation

Since implementing the new software solution, Club 21 | Armani Exchange has seen significant business benefits. "We have realized our goal of running a fully integrated solution," says Clare Vella. "Our staff spend less time generating information and more time analyzing it, becoming more proactive and ultimately adding real value to the business. Speed and efficiency have improved, from processing stock through our warehouse, to having excellent visibility of product at all times". Replenishment procedures have also vastly improved. Club 21 | Armani Exchange can now dispatch the right stock, at the right time, to the right shop, and in the exact amount needed. Furthermore, the replenishment functionality makes sure that everything is stored and shipped automatically. The fashion retailer can also do promotions, and run them efficiently. The staff loved the solution from the beginning, the Microsoft familiarity meant it was very simple to use, easy to learn, and just made sense.

The great partnership we now have with K3 Retail and LS Retail has enabled us to give the high-class experience our name stands for, and which makes customers come back, again and again.

Clare Vella

The world of retail is constantly changing, having LS Nav allows us to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with consumer demands.

Clare Vella