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Do you want to join the Cupcake Loyalty Club?

Written by Anna Kristin Jeppesen | 25 May 2016


It’s unbelievable how much my business has grown for the last couple of months. All my customers are so pleased with our service, and seeing the smiling faces come into the bakery every day is such a pleasure. I’ve told you before that my friend Mary promised not only to solve my problems, she also promised me a tool that could help me promote my business and a system that could grow with my company. Getting customers to return for more has suddenly become a lot easier since I set up my own frequent-cupcake loyalty-program called the Cupcake Club. That didn’t take long to do in LS One. So now I’ve got happier returning customers all wanting my cupcakes. Yeei!



strawberry cake I offer all new customers to join the Cupcake Club and the new members instantly get a shiny plastic card ready to use for collecting points when they shop in the bakery. The points can be used as payment for cakes and coffee later. I’m probably not allowed to tell you this but I heard that within long I’ll be able to offer my loyalty customers an app where they can see their points’ status and see my menu and offers. How cool does that sound? A couple of weeks ago I saw an opportunity to expand the cupcake bakery. The shop next to mine moved so I could get a bigger space for my business. I decided to open Ms. Buttercup’s Café where you can sit down, relax and enjoy our products. This required a new POS with Hospitality setup. It enables us to take orders at the tables, so while you sit down and relax we have full table service. And I can do this because it is all included in the LS One system!


Curious to know more?


In case you missed it, here you find Ms. Buttercup first blog and her second one too.

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